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  1. tskrem

    KLX 110 modded 143cc for sale!

    sorry buddy, it's sold
  2. tskrem

    KLX 110 modded 143cc for sale!

    sick ride, strapped for cash atm. good luck with sale
  3. tskrem

    GAME: get to 25 :)

    my number is 2..........
  4. tskrem

    SA Miniriders ride day

    looks like i cant make it. sorry
  5. tskrem

    Review of the TDR 125CC Semi Auto

    I organised a TDR 90cc for my little cousin. it was great, the battery is mounted in the same place as urs, however my lei moto has the battery mounted under the fuel tank, so inconvenient. Anyway ive found the TDR's to be pretty good. Noticed an Adelaide United sticker in the background, do...
  6. tskrem

    SA Miniriders ride day

    haha, good luck
  7. tskrem

    SA Miniriders ride day

    no, its next weekend, sunday the 11th of september
  8. tskrem

    SA Miniriders ride day

    Do u think my 125 lei moto will hold up back there? ill drop the oil the day before, and fresh fuel, but anything else? its all stock. also how can we refuel back there, dring a can with us or can we go back whilst the enduro track is open? im such a noob, only ridden on my property on the yorke...
  9. tskrem

    SA Miniriders ride day

    if i do go it will probably be easier if i just meet u guys at port gawler
  10. tskrem

    where to buy in adelaide

    Did you end up getting a bike? if not go to east 50's they are very good.
  11. tskrem

    Up for a challenge? 70's era TS 185 Suzuki

    cheers. hopefully there not sold. and hopefully they can bring them into town. also need to convince the rents
  12. tskrem

    Up for a challenge? 70's era TS 185 Suzuki

    Suzuki TS185 & ER185 | Motorcycles & Scooters | Gumtree Morphett Vale Area what do you think about these 2. im in year 12 next year and need something for my research project. any suggestions?
  13. tskrem

    Mini Dirt Bike not starting

    ahk, well thats what i use when i start my chonda 110s up at my property because there left there for a school term, thats just my 2 cents though
  14. tskrem

    Mini Dirt Bike not starting

    try removing the spark plug, making sure it has a strong spark, clean out the carbi and put a little amount of fuel into the cylinder, (through the spark plug hole) then try and start it. keep us posted.
  15. tskrem

    Are people losing interest?

    yeah i only reaslied were east fiftys was when i googled it. My dads business is accross the road and i have never noticed the pit bikes for sale in small font were it has Bike Sales written allover it even though i have been passed thousands of times.
  16. tskrem

    SA Miniriders ride day

    Should be a good day, i am a maybe atm. what spares should be brought, ive only been to pt gawler once and just took fuel oil and water? i need to get some boots, ive been using sneakers and they not fun at all. Make sure some photos get taken as ive never seen out the back before. cheers
  17. tskrem

    FS: 2009 Honda CRF250R

    interested, need to get some cash off the rents first, will keep you posted.
  18. tskrem


    sick, cant wait to buy some new clothes for summer
  19. tskrem

    Port Gawler today - first time

    yeah i know thats cool haha. hopefully when i get my p plates i will be going there almost every weekend. stupid new laws. have to wait untill im 17 (1 month)
  20. tskrem

    Mini Jr's Quad Build

    keen for some more pictures! haha i like the quad were ur ideas are coming from. Might make one if i find a frame, have the motors lying around in the shed. KEEP US POSTED!! Haha.