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  1. timeeh

    The I'm just doing thread

    Just started round 2 or the 1st beer session for 2016 :). Then off to the rodeo to fight cowboys, should be a good start to the year LOL. Happy New Year everybody's.
  2. timeeh

    Shearers backyard 50 track build'n

    Mr Shearer and his Sister Rosie wrote this report for the day. And i am still getting around to posting pics from the 2nd half of the day.... Slowly but surely (and yes Craig I will send the bits off... At some point :p )...
  3. timeeh

    Shearers backyard 50 track build'n

    Shearers mini relay :) Had 2 of them, first one had shearing, bike racing with kids and girls, dry weetbix eating, tyre changing and swag rolling. Might even catch a glimpse of Bean changing a tyre without a machine.... Wonders will never cease LOL
  4. timeeh

    Shearers backyard 50 track build'n

    Heres a few from the first 1/2 of the day Beeto and Bretto Bretto showing the line Shearer Style and a few more over here
  5. timeeh

    Shearers backyard 50 track build'n

    Cheers Jase, was a good catch up with everyone, except my sis... not good when u get beaten by your sis :p Got plenty of pics but the camera seems to be playing up so some aren't the clearest. Ill start uploading tonight and ill post a link tomorow. And yes Geoffry, got a pick of you and...
  6. timeeh

    Random Radness... post here

    Havn't done an image search of late (well not for anything i can mention here.....) BUT anyway ;) bugger the image....
  7. timeeh

    Random Radness... post here

    She'll be on for last place then :beerchug:
  8. timeeh

    Random Radness... post here

    Yea mate, that would be great, think i have the previous one there too, i'll shoot you a PM. As for no helmets, umm yea, only thing i think the harness would be good for would be keeping the majority of the body parts together, making the authorities cleanin up job easier...
  9. timeeh

    Random Radness... post here

    HAHA thats why my wifes car has a towball too, i got it so i could travel to Shearers a few years back, only used it the 1 trip too LOL
  10. timeeh

    Random Radness... post here

    Yea buddy :) 2nd race for the year, and both been there. You comin for a spin? Be good to put a face to the name after how many years??? Just gotta fit another stator, my bike seems to eat them like breakfast...
  11. timeeh

    Random Radness... post here

    Im back... All be it for an afternoon, or maybe just a post :p Anyway, buckle up kids, safety first :) Motorcycle Safety Belt Kids Children Electric Bike Safe Strap Carrier
  12. timeeh

    Friday funnies.

    Came to see how the thread was progressing, wasn't disappointed :p
  13. timeeh

    STOLEN Dell Laptop

    Cheers buddy, got your msg too, but having phone issues... So much so as of lunch toady i now have a new one.... And a new $380 passenger window.... which apparently needs a new relay and motor, so even more cash out... Oh well, could always be worse as they say ;)
  14. timeeh

    STOLEN Dell Laptop

    Nothing i can see at a glance, but shall see what happens. Cheers mate :)
  15. timeeh

    STOLEN Dell Laptop

    Hi Guys, just putting it out there. Some pricks decided yesterday to do a smash and grab from my van outside the Statesman Hotel in Curtain in Canberra. So if anyone happens to see a Dell Inspiron 1500 series for sale on Bookface, gumtree ect, please feel free to shoot me a pm. And just a...
  16. timeeh

    Coolie's been AWOL But here's why

    Was gonna whinge about all that space and no track... Then i read the last bit LOL. Looks like a sweet spot :)
  17. timeeh

    The Cougar is Dead......

    HAHAHAHA Just joking, good stuff mate. Now we wait for news on the little ones hey? Congrats :congrats:
  18. timeeh

    WTB standard CRF50 forks

    I believe he's some no-hoper piss head canberran..... reckon that sums him up :hump: P.S I would of done the edit for you, but cant seem to find the edit button anymore... Oh well, your on your own ;)
  19. timeeh

    SHEARER'S Backyard mini mx Racen!!

    Cheers Buddy :) What another top weekend. Thanks heaps to all your efforts and to your family and extended family. Was great to do some bike whoring and raise the flag for Team Yammi LOL Pitty the track didnt stay muddy for long enough, But at least my first 2 events weren't too bad, and...
  20. timeeh

    DNM Hornet (M200) seal replcement

    I think i know what you mean but i can tell you there is f#&k all chance of fitting a spanner in-between the spring coils, could be wrong though, but don't think i'd have any chance of putting a spanner in there, also if i did once the top was unscrewed the spring would then spit the spanner in...