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  1. kaneo

    Lifan 150 diffs and pics

    Very interesting. I have topped up my avgas tank with v power 98 before and did notice it go a bit better up high in the revs. I thought i was imagining it but reading that it seems i was not.:) Good work as usual cactus.
  2. kaneo

    Can I run standard ignition on my Lifan 150?

    Yes the coil will work. I would check the earth at the kill switch. Could be the problem. The cdi off your 125 wont work either, the 150 has an inner rotor yx or outer rotor if it is a lifan. If you get too stuck take it to a mechanic and get their oppinion. A six pack will usually be a good...
  3. kaneo

    Lifan 150 diffs and pics

    I have advanced mine and with the pumper 27mm carby i run it starts really well and the extra advance is noticable too, power wise. I also run RF100 avgas in it which probably helps too. I think the initial squirt of fuel from the accelerator pump may be the reason for it not kicking back as it...
  4. kaneo

    alekz 17

    150 crf motor makes about 23hp with a pipe and jetting done. Dont think the 85cc have that much.
  5. kaneo

    150cc cam in 140cc lifan

    Yeah should go straight in. The heads are the same as far as i know. You will need the 150 valve springs too. And yes, the 150 cam is much better.
  6. kaneo

    Homemade gokart with 125cc pitbike motor (clutch and shifter)

    Dudes just put an 1100 road bike motor in it like these nutbags. I so want a drive of this thing. YouTube - Gixxerkart - GSXR kart
  7. kaneo

    Tj Russel Motovert Pic

    Just buy one of these puppies. OORacing - performance monkey bike, pit bike, madass, zoomer, dirt bike components - 160cc Charger 1250 Engine Kit 20BHP Dirt/MX (Powered by CubeCart) Thats about 1500 dollars plus freight.
  8. kaneo

    NO dipstick... How to tell???

    Built from parts but basically its a Dhz outlaw small frame not midsize, with a ported lifan 150 in it, and heaps more bling stuff. You could just read my signature:rolleyes:
  9. kaneo

    NO dipstick... How to tell???

    Yeah thats where it is when running. Half way. Or a bit less. The 1.1 litres made it sit over the top of the sight glass when running and spat oil out everywhere. When it stopped spitting it out thats where i run it now. At the very top of the glass when its warm and not running.
  10. kaneo

    NO dipstick... How to tell???

    I run mine with the oil to the top of the sight glass when not running. 1 . 1 litres was too much in mine and it poured out the breather. I gather you have a lifan 150?
  11. kaneo

    oil for your air cooled pitbike engine, important

    I think you guys are all forgetting that car or mower oil will make you clutch slip like crazy in the mini bikes.:rolleyes:
  12. kaneo

    yx150 shooting flames out exhaust

    Ask cactus jack, he will be able to sort you out in great detail. What he doesnt know about these bikes aint worth knowing.;)
  13. kaneo

    Keeping white boots white

    Na wipe it off after applying. It makes the buckles work smoother and actually repels the dirt.:)
  14. kaneo

    yx150 shooting flames out exhaust

    More likely to be your ignition timing too retarded. As a guide, backfiring out exhaust means timing too retarded, and backfiring out the carby is timing too advanced. The bolts may have come loose in your rotor plate.
  15. kaneo

    Keeping white boots white

    Spray and wipe with a scrubbing brush before you wash them. Then armoral them after they are dry. For the really bad scratches on the hard bits i use thinners on a rag. Just dont rub too hard with it though.:) My tech 2s still look like new after a year of thrashing.
  16. kaneo

    YX vs Lifan

    do a search for that one. there has been many discussions about that topic. but pesronally i would stick with the 140. The yx 150 motor isnt that good. 150 lifan is a whole different story though.
  17. kaneo

    oil filter for lifan 150

    There is a honda one that fits. Think there is a thread on it here somewhere. I just wash mine out. After about 5 oil changes there isnt much crap in it any more. Think the paper ones are about 15 bucks US. Cant find any over here.
  18. kaneo

    lookin to buy a bike

    Atomik do a bigfoot lifan 150 now too. They are pretty good and go cheap on ebay but you will need to change the shock straight away. The three ive seen are total pogo sticks in the rear. Dangerous even.
  19. kaneo

    weekend riding

    This is what we do most weekends down here in mt gambier. YouTube - Buddz racing number 4 pit bikes Only filmed with crappy cameras so dont mind the quality. Enjoy. Check out the other buddz racing vids too.
  20. kaneo

    inner roter kits

    Well put cactus. They did a thing on mythbusters about resanence. Was pretty cool the damage it can cause to things.