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  1. tim_

    QLD Riding Spots

    yep its frikken pathetic now days... i mean people will sue you for just about anything... we may as well call our country the "new americas" because it seems we are working so hard at copying their ethics..
  2. tim_

    Random Radness... post here

    ok so i dunno if this has been posted yet but here you guys go.... lets just say its the most "different" song i have ever heard... <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  3. tim_

    Finally, a rotn ride :)

    hey mate, its good to hear your back on the bike... i wasnt here for the injury but i did see some of the xrays and scans... nasty work mate.. cheers tim
  4. tim_

    aaaaaannnnnnnnddddd im back......

    Thanks guys. It's good to be back. We havent done anymore work on the track been busy with everything. The bikes have been sitting in the corner collecting dust. Sadly. So I want to get them running and take them out this weekend. Will keep everyone up to date with the track and the new bike build
  5. tim_

    the missus bike.

    just an update on these bikes.. @rodney68 it turned out the disc was warped and rubbing on the pad. so once it heated up it just locked on.. but got a new disc and problem solved. and as for the white bike.. i got it running and it was slugish and didnt want to run properly.. so after some...
  6. tim_

    aaaaaannnnnnnnddddd im back......

    hey guys.. back from a very long break im back.. after a messed up as frik first 3/4 of the year im hoping that the rest of the year will be better.. me and mrs sorted all our stuff out and are now happy again.. moved to a cheaper rent house with bigger with yard and garage.. got rid of my...
  7. tim_

    Useless thread ... Mick AKA Rotn50 clear your inbox !!

    Lol, ok mick here goes. I'm back now I have the interweb, all is good and the mrs got her bike finished finally. Wasn't even the tappets. The last dude messed around with it and was running so rich it was plooming smoke. New carbi and bam runs like a dream.
  8. tim_

    More hillclimbing and failing.

    dont worry mate.. i make that same sound when i get up off the ground too and im only 27lol
  9. tim_

    Random Radness... post here

    you would never get traction.. you would need to baby it and wind it out slowly... and over shoot jumps left and right.. would have fun doin it all tho..
  10. tim_

    Master Spanner Spinner

    congrats all round guys.. im crackin a beer right now for ya's!!
  11. tim_

    Blowing smoke after valve clearance check

    ok so defs not the breather... there aint even a hose on the spigot....
  12. tim_

    Give a little, Take a little

    use a jar or small container to hold the nuts and bolts when you pulling any apart, that way you never end up with a missing bolt....
  13. tim_

    Blowing smoke after valve clearance check

    never thought about the breather hose to be honest... will check that now.. im hoping its not new rings or anything to do with an engine pull down.. dun want to break it.. lol
  14. tim_

    Give a little, Take a little

    if you have the old kill switches remember to click it on the "run" position so the bike will start >-<...
  15. tim_

    Blowing smoke after valve clearance check

    was on an bike stand on the bash plate.... white smoke no blue tinge... smelt like a lawn mower running.... and heaps of smoke... i did notice there was a lot of oil when i took the bottom cover off... enough to make a good sized pool on the bash plate...
  16. tim_

    Blowing smoke after valve clearance check

    put the feeler gauge in under the tappet and tightened it down until it just bites into the tappet... the bottom(outlet) tappet... but i followed a video which said .004 for inlet and .006 for outlet..
  17. tim_

    Pit Bike Frame Build

    +1 to what woggy said.. jig it off another frame.. china dont deal in exact measurements with these bikes... also iam 6'2" and i ride a 50 style frame and have no drama's.. although i wouldnt mind timmeh to get me a set of of similar bar risers... the pro tapers make for better clearance for...
  18. tim_

    Blowing smoke after valve clearance check

    wait so to be clear... tappet clearance is also valve clearance... right? and i i have a lifan 138cc.. before i checked mine was a little smoke and the tappets where makin noise so i tightened the outlet and tapping sound gone.. but now its blowing white smoke and smells like a lawn mower...
  19. tim_

    WTB - Bris MX gear/armour

    i went to moss street in slacks creek and there is a big yellow store that is like the main outline for the smaller team moto stores... they have last season gear for cheap... but the dont always have matching gear...
  20. tim_

    The MR Community - Mental And General Health Support, resources and Discussion

    i cant thank you guys enough for your support.. just reading your replies help lift the weight... just seems like this **** storm im in aint stoppin.... i if i do feel my self getting out of control i will be sure and contact you guys.... thank you. i dont wanna write my life story here as i...