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  1. tim_

    aaaaaannnnnnnnddddd im back......

    hey guys.. back from a very long break im back.. after a messed up as frik first 3/4 of the year im hoping that the rest of the year will be better.. me and mrs sorted all our stuff out and are now happy again.. moved to a cheaper rent house with bigger with yard and garage.. got rid of my...
  2. tim_

    christmas day ride/swim and bbq...

    ok... so i dont know about everyone else but my family is disfunctional ... very disfunctional.. so i have opted to stay away from them.. and i have gotten the go ahead to have a few bikes and people over for christmas day at the house i will house sitting.. so there is 10 acres/pool and BBQ..
  3. tim_

    Who is keen for a ride in brisbane saturday and possibly thru next week..

    just wondering who is keen for riding saturday... it will be on my cousin's land so if you break something its all on you... and i can only have 2 or 3 other bikes out there.. its all paddock riding.. but its 10 acres and its free...
  4. tim_

    Any one goin to Alexisonfire in sydney tomorrow night...??

    As the title says... Is anyone going to Alexisonfire at the hordern pavilion in Sydney tomorrow night? i will be there.. flew into Sydney today and staying in the city It is their farewell tour and they are only playing Sydney and Melbourne... so if you wanna see the sad end to a great band be...
  5. tim_

    YX cam chain cover came off!! (circle one)

    ok so this is how it went.... well went for a ride where i could open it up... top gear, wide open throttle for a bit... then finally pulled over to make a U bolt.... then out the bottom of my vision i saw smoke.. i immediately killed the engine and looked down to see oil all over the bash plate...
  6. tim_

    the missus bike.

    ok so this bike has never had a thread but it has appeared on here.. and now i gave it to my missus so she could learn to appreciate her bike and love it.... so this is the way it was when we got it from her friend... $100 joby.. so then we stripped it, cleaned it up, go rid of most of the...
  7. tim_

    peto cuts an artery

    mmmmk i did a search for this and found nothing but if this is a repost can thread be deleted??? i found this video while a work bored and lookin on the tube.. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> by...
  8. tim_


    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  9. tim_

    crazy guy doing stunts

    as the title says <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  10. tim_

    WTB 2nd hand GOPRO HERO 1 or 2

    WANTED: as title says.. 2nd hand gopro CONDITION: pretty good i wanna be able to use it after all PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: 0-150 LOCATION:any where will pay for postage EXTRA INFORMATION: CONTACT: pm me or post on here
  11. tim_

    where i been riding and need some help designing a track..

    here is just a couple different views of the area i have been riding in.. i have been told i can build a track, jumps and anything else i want in the area.... just a added note there is a quarter pipe in the yard too... had some issues with the 150 since i put the molkt back on it...
  12. tim_

    "cool" oil coolers?

    searched the forum and cant find anything.. to many matches for "cool" oil cooler... i can pick up one pf these for 30 bucks and i was wondering if anyone has had any experiences with them... it says in the break down the oil snakes its way through the cooler instead of around the outside of it...
  13. tim_

    the Atomik got another face lift!!

    as the title said.... the Atomik nitrous 150 i changed to black and green got a face lift due to it now belonging to my GF and she likes red... lol... this was it when i first got it... and this is what i did with it.. and now cause i spoil her... it looks like this...
  14. tim_

    should i swap engines?

    ok well i went and got a mad deal on a klx style big foot 140 lifan... now my question is should i take my atomiks 150 engine and transplant it into the in the big foot as that will be the bike i ride most now..or should i leave it how it is and just get another oko and put it on the lifan...
  15. tim_

    riding restrictions on private propety????!!

    ok so i asked a friend at work if i could ride my bikes property and he told me as soon as he starts a bike someone would call the cops and he has been told if there is another complaint his bike will be taken off him..... now i always thought noise restrictions only applied after 10 pm on...
  16. tim_

    how do i know a medium sized fame when i see one?

    ok so as almost everyone on this site knows im looking for a medium sized bike.... now i have been seeing a lot of bikes with 50 style plastics but a lot of frame showing... so im wondering what style of frame are they and if it would be a good starting point for a medium sized build...
  17. tim_

    ford falcon ba ticking from front wheel

    Ok so i got new tyres yesterday and when i was driving home from work this morning with my windows down i noticed a loud ticking sound like a stone or screw in my tyre... but on closer inspection there was nothing in any part of my tyre... i searched the net and saw a post about the break pad...
  18. tim_

    60ft jumps on a 12"

    gotta love what you find on you tube when your bored...not sure what sort of bike it is but its in the usa.. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  19. tim_

    dangerous gandma

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> SHOOT HIM IN THE TOODLES!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHHA
  20. tim_

    Jing Hua carbi worth keeping?

    ok so i brought a bike from a mate and it had a 150 ducar engine in it and was running jing hua carbi.. it says its made in japan but i dont know if its a knock off or not.. also the slide seems to be very narrow... i will be throwing away the engine but im unsure if i should keep the carbi or...