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  1. DvDRip

    1/4 turn throttle

    you mean 1/8 turn ;)
  2. DvDRip

    DHZ Outlaw 140 Freshly Bought. HELP!

    do you even see what this site is mostly used for? it's helping the poor bastards that don't know anything! anyone who takes a bike to a mechanic to get the idle turned up has been [email protected]#KED!!!
  3. DvDRip

    WTF is wrong with my pitster

    I always give my bike a good bath in wd-40 after washing..... gets all the water outta the electrics and stops shit from rusting
  4. DvDRip

    DHZ Outlaw 140 Freshly Bought. HELP!

    yep do your valves.... but it sounds to me like you have the choke on..... causing hi revs and dies with a bit of throttle.... the carby should come out the box on some baseline setings so the bike should run fine
  5. DvDRip

    We Do Not Sell,service Or Stock Parts For China Bikes.

    here we go...... this is why I tell everyone KTM's are shit! those racist bastards haha :rolleyes: Werribee Motorcycles 88 Old Geelong Rd, Hoppers Crossing VIC 3029 (03) 9748 6949‎ I think it might be part because there dodgy dealers out there trying to sell those KTM 50cc 2bangers as the...
  6. DvDRip

    Gears are stuck!!! Help

    water has a funny way off getting inside your bike if you leave it outside whether you throw a tarp over it or not.....
  7. DvDRip

    Gears are stuck!!! Help

    did you leave it outside in the rain by any chance? did you change the oil before starting it for the first time after sitting for a month or 2?
  8. DvDRip

    Over newbies "Which bike to buy" questions

    ok so I know this would be controversial... but it would be sweet to have a "black list" of bikes to avoid at all costs... like dirtmax, braaap, LEI, TDR, motovert, pitpro etc.....just pretty much any brand that has shit bikes at a high price which have no place and no reason to buy because the...
  9. DvDRip

    Nitrous 150 build.... how to get the most out an ebay junker

    pfffft oko's are sweet but the pe delivers just as much power... only difference is the PE power is useable and this coming from the total homo who bout a fake PE just cuz it had shiny bling bits..... diamonds and jewelery and blah blah blah... blah blah..... these are just some of my...
  10. DvDRip

    Nitrous 150 build.... how to get the most out an ebay junker

    got some new bits for the pissashitty nitrous :) an akunar a7 7mm cam... hd valve springs... akunar hi-comp piston and a pe26 from DHZ.... was bloody cheap too pe26 was easy as hell to jet.... it ain't perfect yet but was no hassle getting the bike running great.... so it's looking like a...
  11. DvDRip

    DHZ, thanks heaps

    yep DHZ are the best on ebay... order one day and it's in your hand the next
  12. DvDRip

    couple of questions

    yea grips are disposable parts. just buy some more but if u get a small sharp screwdriver you can get them off without damaging them easy
  13. DvDRip

    motovert expert 140cc vs pitster pro x2r 140

    is the motovert a 10"er tho? lol they're completely different type of bike x2r's are going hot on ebay for around $900.... bloody good deal IMO motoverts are overpriced and you could get a better bike for much less easily
  14. DvDRip

    Help with setting up Mikuni carb on 110cc lifan???

    that's not a vm26 and it's WAY too big for his bike if you go a 22mm mikuni like what spoonta68 has you'll have to port your manifold out to 26mm on the intake end and leave it at 22mm on the head end.... 22mm mikuni's have a retarded 26mm throat but it will work fine on your engine.... only...
  15. DvDRip

    Carby / Jetting settings for your bike.

    hey thump is this a knock off keihin? pe's run round jets.... are you saying this pe26 is using hex head 97?
  16. DvDRip

    hey im new here

    yep yx140 is better and motorbike city are full of shit.... people around won't bullshit you (well most) so u best listen to us.... it's a 25/26mm carby with a 30mm throat.... they tell you it's a 30mm because bigger sounds better to a noob.... and it worked on you hehe :p even if it was a...
  17. DvDRip

    Music Video Thread

    emmo n thump posted some good shit :D best vid ever made! <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  18. DvDRip

    Atomik Kuda Pro

    even after oko and opening the exhaust it was SLOW.... gearing could have helped things but never got the chance to try that oko and muffler did help but not nearly enough...... and yes this is the kind of bike if it broke down in the bush you'd be glad you don't need to push it home
  19. DvDRip

    Atomik Kuda Pro

    I don't have one but I've worked on one and it really is a pile of crap.... there's design faults all over the place and it's really slow.... a 160 pitbike will kick it's ass any day
  20. DvDRip

    Help Me Pick

    hmmm hard to explain.... I don't even know if the threads are still around but basically they go around trying to sue the competition because they try to bring in bikes at a reasonable price..... pure scum and the industry is better off without importers like dirtmax all of dirtmax's bikes can...