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    my new 50

    Hey guys and girls just showing off my first 50, going to upgrade it slowly. My brother brought a ZUMA 110cc and I keep up with him easily and my bike is stock.
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    Best stock hight 50 forks for around $400

    Hey iv got $400 and would like to get stronger stock hight forks I have around $400 what's the best to get
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    DRZ 50 or CRF 50

    Just wanting to know what would be a better bike I know a lot of people use CRF 50s but has anyone used a DRZ 50 what's the difference iv always liked both but not sure
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    Is there ever any ride day events around near wollongong
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    Decent 50s frame

    I'm after a 50s frame that I can jump what ones are good
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    PitsterPRO XJR ss 50

    So Iv decided to buy a PitsterPRO XJR ss 50 and I'm just wondering what upgrades I should do to make it safe to jump
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    DHZ outlaw 160r

    Would the DHZ outlaw 160r be good for FMX jumping
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    Mini riders near wollongong

    Is there any mini rider meets near wollongong
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    Has anyone had anything to do with the Braaap silent
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    After a mini bike or pit bike

    Hey I'm after a new mini bike / pit bike what are the best brands I want to do jumps and maybe race I may have around $2250 also it the Braaap silent any good