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  1. DvDRip

    Cam Timing tweaking

    well I just went and had a looksy at the cam timing on a motor it's a2 cam and akunar told me retard it 3degrees for top end (aka a3) So I always thought to adjust cam timing you just jump a tooth on cam sprocket.... but I just found out jumping a tooth retards it more like 12 degrees...
  2. DvDRip

    engine rebuild! this isthe real deal! full build in 8mins

    Just came across this on utube. alexmans vids are always good but this is fuken insane!!! anyone who likes tinkering with pitbikes should be able to appreciate this :action-smiley-035: <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie"...
  3. DvDRip

    where to buy keihin jets !?

    looking for a supplier of keihin pwk jets..... All I can find are k96 and bigger but I know there's smaller ones out there somewhere looking for sizes around 85 to 95 don't matter if it's from us/china/uk p.s. I don't think this would be called a wanted ad... more wanna talk about sources
  4. DvDRip

    ORK Wiring :S

    Just got my ORK and the wiring harness is all over the place, could anyone possibly get some pics of how it's wired up? I don't run lights or anything, just need it to run.
  5. DvDRip

    Nitrous 150 build.... how to get the most out an ebay junker

    Nitrous 150 build.... how to get the most out of an ebay junker OK so I've had all these nitrous 150/160 parts laying around for ages and too lazy to sell em, so I'm gonna build up a bike based on the nitrous frame using all the useable stock parts I have and adding better parts where needed...
  6. DvDRip

    Atomik 150/160 engine cases

    Ok we been wondering for a long time is the yx150 and 160 used in atomiks are running the updated bearings etc. so today I FINALLY got off my fat ass and had a look inside..... Turns out they DO run up to date engines! \ So that makes the nitrous EVEN BETTER value for money! If it was ever...
  7. DvDRip

    Revolution MX new name super secret thread :d

    I hear some guys are throwing round Revolution Moto as the new name.... I like it it's suit the brand to a tee... but I reckon RevolutionMX rolls off the tough a bit better... n then it can be abbreviated as RevoMX in logos and just general chat about the bike... or even RevMX what u reckon...
  8. DvDRip

    2010 S#!TPRO lol

    PitPro 140SE 14-12 | PitPro Dirt Bikes Australia's Largest Online Pitbike Store lol thought this was a pisser, I know these bikes inside out so I'm gonna review it based on the ebay listing hehe BRAND NEW 2010 Genuine 140cc SE PITPRO MidSize Dirt Bike ok so we all know pitpro for...
  9. DvDRip

    recommend me some metal!! \m/

    alright biatches I'm sick of all my music so looking for some good metal that I might not have heard of before.... all u kiddies should know what all the new shit is... I'm open to any suggestions I like all types of metal!! so spit it out! what cha listening to?
  10. DvDRip

    Why is my bike free revving and bogging down?!?

    That's why! Bahahahaha! stupid unifilter didn't stop shit today :mad:
  11. DvDRip

    FastAce AS02 service specs... oil/psi etc

    hey guys I'm rebuilding a set of as-02's and looking for some info about how much oil and what weight and min/max psi for them? so far I've found this: but these forks are for a 39kg rider lol, so anyone know the minimum weight oil I can use and is there any max/min specs for oil and psi...
  12. DvDRip

    Forum errors.. List and vent here..

    lol wtf that just doesn't make sense thump you're a homo
  13. DvDRip

    How To: Run in a new engine. Run it HARD

    ok it gets asked allot "how do I run in my new motor?" So I thought I'd put some info up and hopefully get stickied for easy reference. Fell free to discuss all things running in and share tips on how you do it and any other tricks to keeping that brand new engine healthy :D This way we can...
  14. DvDRip

    YX 160 cam upgrade worth it?

    I've been reading around a bit about cam options for a stock YX 160..... It seems that the stock cam is already quite good and cam upgrades don't have much to offer.... is this true? all I found on ebay was the pitster decomp cam kit, and akunar I still need to email them to find out what this...
  15. DvDRip

    New Years Resolutions?

    let us know if you have any New Years resolutions :D Mine is to get a job that I don't hate and buy a wr250f
  16. DvDRip

    miniriders [email protected]#$ing up!

    is anyone else having trouble with the site ever since the server upgrade the other night? When I try to load the site it just times out and I have to refresh the page a billion times before it works and half the time just never works so I give up...... so bloody annoying
  17. DvDRip

    Amazing Horse!!

    I can't get enough of this clip lol :D <object width="560" height="340"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  18. DvDRip

    Milk, Milk, Lemonade....

    When it rains Chocolates made!! could hardly even get it back on the ute hahah added another 20kilo's easy
  19. DvDRip

    helmet cam at the wezza quarry

    YouTube - Pitbike at the local Quarry.... Helmet Cam
  20. DvDRip

    Helmet Cam test run

    just grabbed a helmet cam for $60, cheers snitchy you're a legend mate. :D This is just a test video following my dog around at the park on my pushy, I put in some music so the vid doesn't get too boring. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie"...