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  1. dirtbkr188

    Loncin 125cc ignition wiring problem

    Below is a modified version of the 00'-03' XR50/70 wiring schematic, giving you a basic idea of what wires go where. The Chinese engine wire colors should be similar.
  2. dirtbkr188

    My new Frankenstine Monster.

    HERE'S one...
  3. dirtbkr188

    Wrong Gas for a

    Honestly, you might be better off going with a new one of THESE
  4. dirtbkr188

    East San Diego mountain bt200x oil everywhere!

    Check your engine case breather hose and make sure it isn't kinked or clogged, pressurizing the cases and possibly pushing the engine oil into the cylinder and/or head and out the exhaust valve.
  5. dirtbkr188

    Is this gap normal? Mega Moto 212 fork bearing exposed.

    looks like pieces of the steering neck are broken off and missing. Clicking on the pics to open and/or enlarge them didn't work for me, to get a better look.
  6. dirtbkr188

    What is this bolt please help?

    I would degrease and clean the entire engine, let it dry after a mild rinse, and then start it to see exactly where it is leaking oil, and go from there.
  7. dirtbkr188

    What is this bolt please help?

    cam chain tensioner bolt and associated parts. Made up of parts # 6,7,8,13, and 15 in the Honda diagram shown below. It will leak oil if the crush washer is worn, distorted, or missing. From the looks of your pic above, that isn't the only place leaking oil...
  8. dirtbkr188

    Free - handlebars and Lifan 138cc cylinder and piston

    If you highlight the OP's username with the cursor, you'll see that he hasn't been one here since he posted this ad...6+ years ago.
  9. dirtbkr188

    Parts Wanted Mounting plate

    Did you miss THIS in one of your other threads?
  10. dirtbkr188

    New here

    How about using some of these spacers between the engine and frame with longer engine mounting bolts?
  11. dirtbkr188

    Why does my bike sound like this ?

    Dd you happen to give the .003"-.004" settings a try on your engine?
  12. dirtbkr188

    Why does my bike sound like this ?

    No... I try to check them every 20 hours or so...
  13. dirtbkr188

    Why does my bike sound like this ?

    Suit yourself, I've been using .003" and .004" for the last 20+ years on both Honda and Chinese engine builds with no issues.
  14. dirtbkr188

    Why does my bike sound like this ?

    Try .003" intake and .004" exhaust
  15. dirtbkr188

    SR189 starter

    What exactly happens (if anything) when you push the starter button on the handlebars? If nothing happens, it could be the switch or a low battery. If the starter solenoid clicks when you push the button, it could be a bad solenoid or a low battery.
  16. dirtbkr188

    SR189 starter

    What is the exact problem with the bike? Since the starter turns the engine over, it isn't the starter. You never explained what was wrong with the bike to begin with.
  17. dirtbkr188

    SR189 starter

    I'm talking about the starter solenoid, or starter relay, not the starter itself. typically, it looks like the one pictured below. The Red (+) battery wire goes to one of the poles, and the other red wire goes to the starter itself. Touching the screwdriver blade to the two poles will make the...