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  1. Judge.bikes

    bbr frame copy help please

    What do U think of this. Its special
  2. Judge.bikes

    Perimeter frame KLX/DRZ

    A bout the frame Im going to sel it what is the price for a frame like this. IT is never used like new. I dont have time to start the project
  3. Judge.bikes

    Perimeter frame KLX/DRZ

    Ok Im happy whit the answer what u give me :) My name is Gideon by the way I was for a while in qld From 2009 /2011 I waa linving in boronia heights :)
  4. Judge.bikes

    Perimeter frame KLX/DRZ

    THx for answer the thing is its a verry exclusieve frame only the engine form klx or drz fit So wo make te copy of this frame from BBR. I Spoke to Brad from BBR HÉ say is nockof But I have the frame from 2007 The frame is biger then Chinees frame the alloy is heavy duty I have a frame where fit...
  5. Judge.bikes

    Perimeter frame KLX/DRZ

    Hey hello evryone. I have a question. Do someone know what kind of brand this frame is Only the klx or drz engine fit THx