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    2009 pitpro 125 review wanted.

    Nah they sit too high to be the standard top caps, I reckon they are adjusters but that doesn't mean they actually really adjust much. :)
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    If it's a brand new engine it can hurt it because it doesn't allow the engine to run in properly or something like that. Mineral based and a 10w40 oil is what they are designed to run on.
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    cleaning air filter

    ^^^Learn to spell dipsh*t I think it's hilarious that you found a play on words with the goose name, you know I don't think I've ever heard that....not. And "maintance" isn't gonna stop your frame breaking,but it might just mean you find a crack in it before it does snap. Lighten up mate...
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    Best bike to bash klx110 vs pitpro140xr?:

    ^^^^ what he said.
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    Is it synthetic oil?
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    2009 pitpro 125 review wanted.

    What actual model will it be 125rr or 125LE It looks to have changed a little bit.Depending exactly what model it is. For the purpose of this discussion lets call it the 125rr. From what I can see in the picture it has the better frame that the 140 has(not the 140xr just the crf based...
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    Many scrapes breaks and stitches over the years but the worst by far happened 8yrs back. Compound fractures to both the radius and ulnar(is that how you spell it?)bones in left arm(elbow),resulting in a plate and 8 screws to the "ulnar?" and the radius was so badly shattered that I now have...
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    cleaning air filter

    Thats not very constructive. Hopefully it happens to you one day soon,just make sure you catch it on video so we can all laugh at your misfortune too!
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    track building tips

    If that berm is at the bottom of the hill be careful the your not just building a dam, you should have entries or exits able to allow water to run down hill
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    New parts today. ASV leavers, fastace 66rc shock, 12" 10" wheels :)

    Genuine asv levers cost more than $200 minimum,they are copies and very good ones but not genuine, but for the price they are still killer levers, my mates got a set and i will get some soon. And don't think that just coz some little china man made them that he wouldn't go to the trouble of...
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    Best bike to bash klx110 vs pitpro140xr?:

    The pitpro frame will definitely last,I weigh about 92 kg's and have put mine over ramps hitting gaps of 8-10 metres all day over 200 times easily and the frame is probably one thing I'm least concerned about.
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    Miniriders Graphics Here They Are! Poll

    Very nice,probably would look better on maybe black plastics?? I just wish I hadn't already just bought my two brothers graphics,but waited about 6 months for the miniriders ones and thought they were never gonna see the light of day. Maybe when you get the klx ones I'll get a set,keep up the...
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    Official "what is your job" thread

    I'm a mechanic/salesman in a bicycle shop
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    pitpro 140XR reviews

    If you can get one for $500 jump at it that is a bargain, you won't regret it
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    pitster pro vs pit pro

    Yeah I got your drift ,I've had a look in the shop and the quality is friggin awesome I got no arguments there or anywhere I was just saying you can ride them bloody hard and not have problems if you a) look after and maintain them,and b)are a half decent tidy rider. I already agree with the...
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    pitster pro vs pit pro

    Agree with pretty much everything except the above statement, mine gets ridden hard all day long and jumped 10m all day long for the last 10 months and nothing broken except plastics in crashes(thats including levers). As with any pitty they will fall apart if you let them but if maintenance is...
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    crf50 or klx110?

    Lots! Sort of! Yes! Your welcome :)
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    i think i need a rebuild

    Just checking :)
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    pitster pro vs pit pro

    If you read closely I kind of said that when I said the x4 was between the 2 in price and features. $1000-$2350-$3600! I'd say that's just nicely in the middle.
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    pitster pro vs pit pro

    ^^^^I hate to say it but he's right