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  1. 125cc mad

    Carby for stock Lifan 125cc?

    Hey guys as it turns out I have a new 22/26mm Mikuni carby running stock jets #95/#15 would this work on a stock Lifan 125cc? To be exact it's a TDR PRO 125 currently running the stock carby and exhaust. Any help would be great :)
  2. U

    WTB: Lifan 125cc

    WANTED: LIFAN 125cc/140cc Engine CONDITION:Used PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: $100 LOCATION: Brisbane EXTRA INFORMATION: I'm Desperate!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONTACT: Michael 0415 386 283
  3. S

    Wiring frustration, Lifan 125

    Have read for days, printed many schematics, and can't be sure of the wiring on this bike. Picked up a 2007 dirt bike w' a Lifan 124cm3 engine, no electric start/battery/rectifier. Has fuel flow, carb fully cleaned. New spark plug (gapped at 0.7), Ignition Coil, CDI and kill switch - can't...
  4. E

    lifan 125 gearbox

    I have a lifan 125 with the 1 down 3 up pattern. Where can i find the parts as i have destroyed 3rd gear in my motor. also is this a hard repair? any hints or tips? Also i would like to bore this motor. is this possible? where do i get the piston? Cam? wht about replacing my cam...