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  1. criggs

    Roketa 125cc Pit Bike Clutch problem

    Hey guys. I recently purchased a cheap (admittedly beaten up a bit) used 2005 Roketa 125cc pit bike from someone on craigslist. Allegedly the only thing wrong with it was a stripped kickstarter, but I was told that it could be push-started and would run like a champ. 100 bucks, figured I'd...
  2. T

    need help in id'ing this chinese 125 plz

    hi my son just picked up this 125 the other day it burns some oil but got it for the right price but we dont know the make of nor did the previous owner all we have is whats on the vin plate which reads, produced by wu yian sports equipment co ltd. zhe jiang china model :WYAY-OX manufacture...
  3. A


    hey guys im fixing up this 125cc 2007 model ???? i have a new motor for it im going to put in but need to know what model it could be so i can order some new parts such as seat chain n a few other little bits please can some 1 help me outtt
  4. J

    125cc pit bike

    Hey i'm going to toronto in july this year and for my birthday i want to get 125cc pit bike but don't want to buy a whole bike since i live in australia so i wanted to get the body :wheels,forks, brakes exhaust and everything except the engine i would like a fairly descent bike but not over the...