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  1. davedynamite

    Yamaha Chappy LB80 engine swap ► Lifan 125

    Anyone have pics or any helpful info about motor mounts and/or electrical hookupo for this mod? I have a Lifan on its way and am preparing to remove my motor and modify the frame, fit it, and get her painted...any help would be appreciated...thanks...
  2. D

    SUZUKI DS 80

    Hey Guys New member and first post here... Just purchased a a ds80 and plan on doing a few things to tidy it up... First question is are there Tank decals still available for it either oem or aftermarket?? I will post up some pics soon... Cheers
  3. GooseMan

    Goosey's DS80 Build

    Hi everyone, here is my DS80 Build or maybe more like a rebuild I guess, anyway here is what I have done: ***8226; Replaced bottom end bearings ***8226; Did some port work on it ***8226; Stripped the frame down to nothing and repainted most of the bike ***8226; Greased all bearings ***8226...
  4. cozza123

    Cozza's PW 80 mutant thingy

    Hello all Decided i want something different,So I've started to build this up A PW 80,80s model with a Ducar 125 moded into it Protaper bars(China copies) hehe Frame needs some wielding and mods to accept the Ducar,Plus reinforce it I'm going to purchase a GPX 290mm rear shock to...
  5. my67xr

    my latest buy, 2x Yamaha Chappy 80cc 2 strokes, and build/modify thread

    hey gents and femmes, some of you may have seen pics of my 1984 Yamaha IT200L, well, keeping true to the Yamaha man i am, i have added 2 more bikes to my collection. im into things that are slightly different than most people, and modifying, i just cant help myself....:b_grind: i kind of...