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  1. LEO DPRO 037

    fork oil

    Can anyone tell me roughly how much oil ill need to re-fill my forks on a dhz dpro160. And what types are there, any recommendations or advice appreciated.
  2. R

    Atomik nitrous 125cc

    Thinking of buying this bike what don you guys think yes or no? Please need advice thanx
  3. M

    DIY Minibike UteTransport Rack

    Hey guys, Not sure whether this should be in here or general chat but I ended up here. I am planning on putting together my own ute rack instead of buying one (for a quick build project.) Just wondering if anyone has done the same and has any advice (for or agaisnt the idea)? I don't have...
  4. C

    Debt and your family

    Debt and your family How can debt affect your family? Research indicates debt is on the increase and the average Australian household is stretching their financial resources to the limit. This means that unexpected events such as illness, unemployment or even a change in interest rates can add...
  5. motorman

    Welcome aboard Credible Finance as Site Sponsors

    Hi All, I am please to announce that Mark and the team at Credible Finance have come onboard as site sponsors. Credible Finance can help with all your financial planning needs including: Retirement planning Financial planning Small business advice Banking solutions...
  6. L

    1984 z50r advice on lifan 125

    I have had this bike for over 15 years and would like to put in a lifan 125. Any suggestions or advice on what else I will need to change when doing this? Thank you in advance
  7. S

    Modding 2014 Honda CRF50 mini bike

    Hey guys i'm new here, i'm just wanting to share my build as i've just brought a CRF50 a few days ago. it's completely stock, and i'm wanting to do the basics of h/d fork springs, rear shock, bar kit, exhaust and pegs . i'm hoping that will make my bike a bit more fun.. what do you guys...
  8. Carlts

    Should I buy this: Love your advice

    Hi guys, I am looking at buying an engine for the build and need your advice. Is this engine worth buying for $200, it is a gpx 160ho. The seller has said it is all fine but that it wasn't picking second gear. Would this be a selector fork issue or the internal gears? All up is this worth...
  9. W

    honda crf50 thoughts and opinions please.

    hey guys, im new to this forum so if iv got this post in the wrong place just give us a heads up and ill move it. im 6ft 2 inches but im looking at getting a crf50 just for shits and giggles. im guessing id need to make the rear suspension higher somehow and get some bmx bars on it. its only...