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  1. my67xr

    My next project, 2012 Foxico TTR 190cc

    I picked up another cheap roller the other day, it's a BSE / Foxico TTR style bike with a dead Lifan 150 Apparently the engine has gearbox problem's. Since i'm not that comfortable on the Braaap, i thought i might swap the 190 into this bike. My old Atomik Fuse felt perfect for me, where ever...
  2. motovert24

    Daytona Anima 190cc 190FDX PE28 help

    trying to get my daytona anima to run with the pe28 but moved one of the jet height adjustment nuts getting it off and was hoping someone could take a photo of theirs for me so i can try get it back to normal? dont need it taken off just a sideways shot of the jet and bowl
  3. china911

    braaap 190 daytona anima test
  4. N

    Anima 190cc bike options

    Hi, I'm looking at getting a second bike after recently purchasing a dpro160. The new bike will become my main user keeping the dpro as a spare. Regret not dropping some more coin initially and buying a better bike but wasn't sure what I was getting into. Anyway looking at getting a bike...
  5. my67xr

    my Braaap Pro Daytona 190F Anima

    i don't know how many of you saw the Braaap Pro 190 i linked for sale on the Ebay / Gumtree Bargains thread but it was sold fairly quick.... Guess who's the new owner ? some pics to follow...
  6. my67xr

    Daytona 190 FLX, now with lighting/charge coil

    i was just browsing the net and found this version of the Daytona 190, the FLX looks like it's got a lighting coil now to suit road ridden bikes Daytona Anima 190cc FLX Engine they sell the Daytona needle for the PE28 if anyone is having trouble finding one 46-JFQ NEEDLE
  7. rumble

    Anima 150fdx not living up to expectations.

    Have a stock 150 and find it possibly slower than a z160. Looking to get more mid to high power. Currently before it rev limits, the valves start floating, so new valve springs? Carb is an oko 26. Jetted pretty good, happy with how it feels. Have a oko 28 on the z160 so have a bit of...
  8. my67xr

    Using the Miniriders website, for members old and new, a few helpful tips/hints/ideas

    Some general Miniriders User hints/tips etc, for members old and new. If you are new to Forums etc, i am posting up a few helpful hints/tips that you might need to know. when you start or reply to a thread here, you will see on the top left of the page. your Username, and Avatar picture to...
  9. rotn50

    Daytona Anima 150f rev limiter and ignition timing settings?

    So I did some reading of the 150f anima engine manual and came to the section where you have the different settings of the ignition timing and rev limiter, To those that are running these motors or those that have some insight or knowledge of this im wondering if you have heard what settings...
  10. rotn50

    150f/190fdx head bolts torque

    Hey peeps, I did a little searching on google but came up with a few dead ends and my short attention span led me to just ask the question, What is the head tension on the 150f/190fdx donks, I presume the 150 and 190 would be the same tension. Thanks in advance lads.
  11. my67xr

    Daytona TRex 150, Anima 150F, 150FDX, 150FLX, 190F, 190FDX, 190FLX PDF manual's

    Here are the service manual's for a few of the bigger Daytona engine's Daytona TRex 150E 2V PDF Manual Daytona Anima 150F 4V PDF Manual Daytona Anima 150FDX 4V & 150FLX 4V PDF Manual DAYTONA ANIMA...
  12. rotn50

    rotn daytona 150f 4v

    Well most would know i purchased Nicks(nickv1980) Daytona 150f 4v and after a few pays and the wait on delivery the big girl has landed. This motor is heavier than any donk i have lifted and you can tell it is all in the build and the internals to cope with the extra power, she is a thing of...
  13. nickv1980

    Anima 150f valve adjustment

    After every ride i check adjust my valves and i always find the inlet valve clearance has tightened right up to zero i cant get any feller gauges in there but the exhaust valves barley ever need touching . Question : why would this keep happening every single time ? Ive got a special tool to...
  14. nickv1980

    Anima 150f Oil filters

    Has anyone got any clue what oil filter to run in the Anima 150f ?? Ive been changing the oil out every 3 to 4 hours ride time but i have no idea where to grab an oil filter from ... I asked Ken at DHZ not too long ago he told me they would be getting them soon but not soon enough for me , im...
  15. M

    Mr Tarded Mo presents Daytona Anima 150F

    Here you go gentlemen! Mr Tarded Mo presents Daytona Anima 150F - YouTube