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  1. P

    ciniworx cxz 175

    Just thought id post a pic of my bike . It was ciniworx cxz175 I got when they first came out same time as the rev mx. Now it has tb64mm bore with v2 head Tb s25 cam keihin pe 28 carb Tb hd clutch springs Also has pitsterpro spx factory 14/12 rims The rims look verey strong Universal fat bars...
  2. BennyD

    Benny D's XR50 build

    Hi all, I bought a 2nd hand 2003 XR50 just under a year ago for a reasonable price and have slowly been tinkering away at it but there are still many things I'd like to add to it. I have been on the forum for a while as a serial reader but have not posted much so thought it was about time...
  3. Mini-Fifty

    BBR Perimeter Replica Project.

    Hey Guys, After a successfull CRF50 replica build, another build: BBR Perimeter REPLICA. Bought it yesterday, but need to do some work on it so i decide to rebuild it. The bike has already: Fastace forks, adjustable rear shock, Pitsterpro wheels, 118cc big bore engine, runs really like a...