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  1. motorman

    Motormans CRF450R

    Well it's about time I finally stepped up and got a 450. I must say I am absolutely loving it!! Bikes have come a long way in 10 years. haha This was an absolute bargain and is pimped out. 2014 model with 42 hours on it. Twin Yoshi awesomeness :)
  2. zwebx

    My 2002 WR426 Project (In bits)

    Okay bought this wr off ebay For $650
  3. Georgalis

    Takegawa 88cc Bore up kit. BRAND NEW.

    SOLD It's heading to the u.s for a guy who bought it on planet minis
  4. S

    Modding 2014 Honda CRF50 mini bike

    Hey guys i'm new here, i'm just wanting to share my build as i've just brought a CRF50 a few days ago. it's completely stock, and i'm wanting to do the basics of h/d fork springs, rear shock, bar kit, exhaust and pegs . i'm hoping that will make my bike a bit more fun.. what do you guys...
  5. S

    1986 KX125

    I recently come a owner of a 1986 kx 125 in not to bad condition for its age its only missing the front n rear brakes but the ening is running and is in goo order ive cleaned it up preety good but and im going to restore it getting the frame and stuff sand blasted new plastics the seat done in...
  6. Carlts

    WTB: GPX / Zongshen 160ho Engine (or bottom end)

    WANTED: GPX / Zongshen 160ho or 155z Bottom End CONDITION: New, or great condition with no bottom end faults (don;t mind if its an engine with a bad top end as I got a new cylinder, head and piston. PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: Cheaper the better as usual. Up to $250 perhaps? I have a few parts too...