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  1. C

    70cc electric start/ battery and charging wire problems!!!!!!

    Ok so I have auto 70cc motor on a mini bike frame and I'm having problems with battery/charging wire section of wiring. I ha e done a simple 4pin wiring setup on motor and I have now installed battery. Battery worked goos for a few days but eventually went dead, i recharged it and installed it...
  2. motoluver

    Motovert rx

    What type of battery are people using in there rx? My standard yuasa yt4lbs wont hold a full charge anymore and the battery has been discontinued by yuasa. I tried a motobatt replacement but it leaked acid after 2 weeks.
  3. xistn

    Motovert RX 125 issues

    hey guys, so i picked up a motovert RX for road use (mainly for trolling my friends) unfortunately the previous owner had the batter in the wrong way round (blew the fuse) i replaced but seems the charging system isn't working, ie go for a ride and 15mins or so the lights are pretty dull...
  4. Cordogs

    Iphone 5 battery recal

    For those of you that have iphone 5's with battery problems, Apple is finally admitting they gave us dodgy batteries, so for a short time they're offering a replacement on models manufactured between Sep-2012 & Jan-2013. Click here: for a link to see if you phone is eligible.
  5. D

    125 cc Chinese quad battery and starting problem

    Hi Guys My Son Has a 125 cc Quad Bike hes had it since new and it getting harder and harder too start. And for some reason ive went thru 3 batterys they are ok for about 3 months and then they are DEAD they wont Charge at all ive recently jus bought a cheap chinese Battery too get it...
  6. M

    3 Phase Stator into Chinese Motor (Sachs Madass woes)

    Hi Tech Masters, After searching for quite some time, I've finally picked up a "49cc" registered Sachs Madass. This in itself excites me somewhat. Anyway, its got the 88cc BBR kit installed already, but I need a clutch and at least 125cc before I'm going to enjoy this bike. I'm looking at...
  7. Q

    Zongshen 250. Required battery amps? and charging

    Finally getting around to repairing the e-start on a zongshen 250 engine. Sprag clutch is ruined so needs to be replaced. I will need a new battery for it but since I threw the stock battery box and airfilter cover away in favor of a pod filter, i'm now having to rethink positioning The stock...
  8. tiiteri

    Loncin 110cc kickstart lamps?

    Can you get lamps on loncin 110cc kickstart with switch, cause there is a empty connector. or is it just for battery and generator? Here is a piic to help out. [/IMG]