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  1. J

    Motovert Rx headstem bearings (Help needed Please)

    Hey, Currently working on a Motovert rx125. I need to replace the tapered roller bearings in the head stem and cannot find where to buy any that will fit. The OD is 41mm and ID is 22mm for the top and 24mm for the bottom. The only bearings i could find with a 41mm OD were for a crf50 but...
  2. J

    2000 yz426f removal an replace Steering stem bearings

    Just need a bit of advise I need to change the bearings it's very notchy when turning them I was looking on eBay an they had some tools u can purchase when u buy the bearings this maybe a stupid question but r the tools necessary or can u get buy with chisels or screw driver to remove them an r...
  3. Rizzo97

    Wheel bearings have spun in hub and chewed it out

    Bearings! Need help One of the bearings in my back wheel keeps comin loose. I have tried using a centerpunch to make it grip the bearing but it dosnt last very long.. Tried again with and put some black silicone on it inside we're the centerpunch holes are haven't tried that yet but il be...
  4. Stubsy

    1979 SR500

    ITEM AND CONDITION: great PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: 7k REASON FOR SELLING: don't have time to ride and im gonna buy an old car EXTRA INFO: here we go For sale - very regretful sale but it doesnt get used nearly enough. 1979 sr500. Very custom and a big...
  5. B

    Yamaha banshee crank

    Heyy everyone I have a Yamaha banshee 350 twin 2 stroke quad bike and recently the crank bearings have stuffed up anyways I haven't been able to find anywhere around Brisbane that splits the banshee crank because the crank has 2 conrods on the crank. Has anyone else from around Brisbane ever...
  6. Q

    Dpro 140 and 160 swingarm bearings the same?

    Just as the title says, both our swingarm bearings are a bit tight. Have taken mine off (the 160) and will first try soaking them for a bit and cleaning them out, if that fails will be buying some more. May as well pick up both sets at the same time if they are the same size
  7. xLOCOx

    Head stem that I got off mr roost666

    Hey guys and girls... My headstem seems to have more lock then the previous one.. I spoke to my mate, he's a motorbike specialist by trade, he reckons it's the stoppers, how will I make it stop earlier ..... Any help would be sweet cheers loco Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. D

    Motovert rx125 need help

    I bought an 08 model rx125 when I got it home it had a shattered bottom headset bearing and I can't rind anywhere to get new bearings if anyone can help me find somewhere I can find a set it would be cutie helpful as they are a different size to all my other thumpsters
  9. Carlts

    WTB: Dust Seal for Wheels (35mm OD)

    WANTED: 4 x Pit Bike Dust Seal for wheels (35mm Outer Diameter) CONDITION: Brand New PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: Haven't found any on-line so not sure on what they are worth. Less is better as usual xD LOCATION: Brisbane, QLD EXTRA INFORMATION: Yer if you have some FS let me know or if...
  10. P

    HOW TO: replacing wheel bearings

    i had a quick look and couldnt find any specific thread on wheel bearing replacement i found if you dont have the right technique for this like anything an easy job becomes difficult you only need a few things to do this a couple of different sized flat head screw drivers, a hammer or some...