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  1. BennyG

    Inner Rotor Kit......HELP

    Hi all, The next upgrade I plan to do to my Thumpstar TS-E 125cc pit bike is to install an inner rotor kit. I know little to nothing about them other then what youtube has taught me. Has anyone installed one on their 125 before? Can anyone recommend a good kit to buy? Is it worth it?! Any...
  2. Emilio

    Axle and rear wheel help!!

    Hey everyone, recently took my bike into motorbike city toget them to go threw my bike, the fixed the engine, took 2 weeks... Then forced the, to put rear brakes and a tube in it because I needed it for weekend, they say my axle and rear wheel and axle are 12mm and need to be 15mm? Is there...
  3. noypi160cc

    rear shock for motovert Type r 2012

    Hi guys what shock are compatible with my bike?
  4. Emilio

    Bike Serciving

    Hey everyone, Been a long two week of finding the problems with my bike, taking my bike into Atomik Motosport in Dandenong Tomorrow!! Got a few things that they are going to help with and hopefully find the problem with the motor! Are they good with the prices there? Do they do a good job...
  5. F

    Suspension options?

    Just got myself a crf70, has tb 88 kit with race head and cam and sure does rip. I'm very happy with the motor side of the bike but not so much the suspension, I've done a lot of research but can't find a clear answer to anything. I have a set of 730mm Gpx inverted forks but am not sure how t...
  6. J

    can i get more power out of my old bike or do i get a new one

    Hi, I have a mxb 125cc pitbike, I have had it for about 2/3 years now and stills work perfect never had a problem with it, I am in 2 minds weather to keep it what would you recommend to do to get more power out of it please say why and if you have any proof of it giving more power (top speed/...
  7. F

    Ducar 200 dies under full throttle, advice needed please

    my 200cc ducar has just had a new mikuni carby fitted ,new spark plug and new fuel lines and filter also I drained the fuel and put fresh fuel in it .. the bike starts well but anything above 2/3rds throttle it completely runs out of puff and crackles and farts etc does anybody have any ideas...
  8. roostyamates

    when buying a used bike!

    Just wondering if anyone can give me some tips when it comes to buying a used bike ? Im on my way to look at a atomik nitrous 160
  9. roostyamates

    Atomik nitrous 160cc opinions

    hey just wondering if this is a good buy for $450 this 2011 atomik nitrous 160, has had very little use by the looks of it and think $450 is a reasonable price, im just looking for a bike to learn on and something that is pretty reliable..
  10. V

    DR-Z 70 wheels and plastics

    Hello, I first want to say I am not building a pit bike. I was planning on getting my 6 yr old son a CRF 50 but found a good deal on a 2008 DR-Z 70. I am riding a 2002 XR400 and my boy wants his bike to look like dads. So the plan for the CRF was to get the complete aluminum wheelsets in black...
  11. roostyamates

    need help choosing second hand bike

    sorry to be that person but could i ask for some help choosing a pit bike as i have little experience and dont want to get ripped off. here are my options for $700...
  12. roostyamates


    Hey guys just wondering if you can tell me what type of bike this exactly is?
  13. Emilio

    Pitbike won't start! - Fire!

    Hey everyone just brought a motovert frame with a lifan 140cc engine in it, bike was running fine was riding it for a little bit and let it idle then i revved it no bigger than half throttle and it stopped it was a kind of shattering sound but not 100% sure, have cleaned carboy multiple...
  14. D

    flames backfiring out of exhaust

    Hi guys, Im having an issue where im actually getting blue flames popping out my exhaust when i try rev my bike, the old exhaust had a hole in it and i replaced it with another exhaust that was of a 125cc engine "that i have on my bike now" only thing i can think of is when i was washing my...
  15. F

    Is This crf70 worth the trade?

    I currently have an Apollo 125cc pit bike. its a 2013, big wheeled 14/17 version. I've had a few 125cc pit bikes and this one is the fastest. I have a guy wanting to trade hi8s modded crf70 for it. he's looking for a bigger bike. his is a 2004 crf70. it has tb 88cc kit, with big valve head and...
  16. F

    my $90 pitty project

  17. D

    2014 SSR 125

    Hey everyone, I am brand new to this forum and brand new to the Pit Bike world. I recently just picked up a 2014 SSR Pit bike 125cc and I love it. Know that it is china made and not the greatest quality I was curious if anyone knows of cheaper places to purchase new levers, brake and clutch...
  18. china911

    So lve been told

    Spoke to a guy at Braaap today. l enquired about a ycf part THIS IS THE CONVERSATION - He tells me not affiliated anymore. - l say what do you mean. - He says we are doing our own thing soon. -l say what using another brand bike - He says l don't kiss and tell - l say common...
  19. turkey

    Can you register a Yz 250 or a crf 250 motocross bike

    Is it possible to do ?
  20. L

    After a mini bike or pit bike

    Hey I'm after a new mini bike / pit bike what are the best brands I want to do jumps and maybe race I may have around $2250 also it the Braaap silent any good