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  1. ROLLAS13

    Old school bmx

    Hey guys I just wanted to show you my 1980 jmc black shadow even though I havent got a pic of it I will tomorrow. It isnt in the best of shape lol I havent used it in a while It should look like this hahaha but mines all rust im planning to restore it soon. Ill get my own bike photos tomorrow
  2. Carlts

    Fifty of the Month June-July 2012

    FOTM for June/July 2012 is now up and running. Let the voting begin for the prized - Mini of the Month Award, and the possible shot for the renowned FOTY. Let us know any thoughts and opinions on the new styling too. Cheers Carlton <p style="color:#fff;background-color:#262626...
  3. Carlts

    What was in your childhood?

    Just an idea I had for a thread, seeing we are from scattered places and of variuos ages, we all must of had different things that kept us entertained through the younger years... I'll start: Who could forget the pokemon cards lol While on the theme, who could forget Pokemon Red:
  4. G

    Motovert RX250

    Hey guys, Looking to purchase the Motovert RX250 as a road bike as well as dirt. What do you guys think about it? Are they any good? Cheers
  5. fat80y

    Pit bikes ~ Emjayy & mickey

    YouTube - Pit Bikes ~ Emjayy & Mickey
  6. Xtina

    Introduce yourself :)

    I didnt see a thread about introductions... About me: NAME: Christina AGE: 22 LOCATION: Brisbane southside BIKE: TTR 230 and Motovert 125 I work full time for an insurance company, model and do uni. Love to ride but bugger all places in brissy now :( Copy and past the following...