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  1. T

    Suzuki DS 80 Resurection

    Trying to bring an 86 Suzuki DS80 back from the grave..almost there. Any suggestions on a fix for keeping it running without the choke on??? Thanks
  2. O

    Outlaw 140 Carb issues

    G'day all. I recently bought myself a twin exhaust setup for my outlaw 140. Now when I fired it up I got a greeting of spluttering up high in the rev range. So I've changed the main jet up to a 110 from a 100 and it seems to be a little better but still has a massive flat spot up top. I...
  3. dynamicgs

    Oil Blockage & Sludge

    OK, SO my YX160 all of a sudden stopped... I can kick it over, and it starts for like 3 seconds every 20-30 kicks... Has fuel going in, and spark is good. Checked valve clearances, compression is good and timing all seems to be right.. Noticed a fair bit of sludge when i opend the...