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  1. B

    My ciniworx 150

    Well I got this thing for free since it was left here for the past 2 years haha I'm still trying to get some proper before pics but here it is so far I'm still trying to work out the rear break pedal the one I got is for a different frame I think it just won't work Gotta go to work...
  2. R

    Can i run this fuel?

    Hi all got another question, Wanted to know if you can run premium 98 or 95 octane also can you use shell v power in your pit bike. Also during break in do you recommend using 91 or what. also should I change the oil straight away even before running it or break it in then change. Your thoughts...
  3. my67xr

    Testing your pit bikes' electrics, Stator Magneto, Source coil, Pulse coil, regulator / rectifier

    i thought i'd make up a thread with some pictures of a few common Stators and list the Ohms readings if anyone needs to check theirs. i'll add some other stators when i get a chance next, and some ignition coils too Lifan 125 type stator and flywheel. the black coil to the left is the Source...
  4. rotn50

    A vid of the small washout that devastated my shoulder lol.

    So here is a small vid of my 10 min ride in Victoria with nick and the small washout that ended my weekend and messed up my shoulder, pretty sure I had fractured it the week before but anyway this proves that anything can happen anytime. I look back at this vid and can feel the immense pain...
  5. dunny29er

    Rear Brake Problem

    so when i press my Back Brake down it stays down i have to push it back up to release the break it doesn't come back by itself iv tried spaying it with WD40 but no luck not sure what to do thanks Dunny