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  1. J

    Parts to suit motovert RX brisbane

    WANTED:I'm chasing some parts to suit a RX Aftermarket exhaust Good throttle Chain gaurd (for road worthy) Motor bash plate Let me know if there is any other parts / upgrades you may have for sale CONDITION: good PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: TBA LOCATION: brisbane northside but can...
  2. R


    Hi all, New to the forum and just purchased an awesome ct110 postie bike :). Rad little thing to ride. was just wondering if anyone around north side of Brisbane has one and is on here wants to meet up for a ride etc? Thanks guys
  3. yzkato

    Atomik Nitrous 125 mid

    So I just bought this...have a yz 125 n a kato200, so know f all about 4 strokes...I basically need some advice on what spares I should be taking with me...whats gunna break first?...Cheap chinese bike I know but its just for fun... I wont be flogging the crap out of it. Chain? pegs? tyres...