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  1. M

    Need Help with TDR pro 125 parts !

    So, i recently acquired a Tdrpro 125 pitty and the rings and piston are gone, and for the life of me I can't find a rebuild kit for it anywhere!! Need to find one asap as I'm swapping it for a supercharger for my car which isn't waiting around. Please guys, help a bro out.
  2. motovert24

    MV24's RX-7

    here you go zwebx and xlocox heres my 1986 mazda FC3s series 4 rx7. has a freshly rebuilt N/A 13B 2 rotor rotary engine in it pedders suspention speedy spider wheels that arent made anymore im planning on getting either apexi or HKS exhaust system for it. cant deside for either twin duels or...
  3. motovert24

    car part websites

    hi guys, I'm hoping some of you will be able to help me out with some car part websites for older Japanese cars (80s-90s) car is an S4 mazda RX-7 which is kinda difficult to find parts of at the moment. had some idiot in a truck fail to stop at a give way sign and T-boned me in the left side...
  4. Swishersweetzz

    DIY Car Mods

    This is a thread composed of mighty car mods , for those of you wanting to upgrade your ride and do it your self. And if there is a DIY you would want to request them to do you can ask them on face book at Mighty Car Mods | Facebook OR at YouTube...
  5. S

    Sotlen car

    Hey guy and girls, i know that this post is nothing related to bike. But i really want to find my car my car has been stolen for my house on 7/6/10. My car was stolen between 10am to 6pm. If you have any detail on my car can you plz conatct me. My phone number is 0433953381. My car is a...