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  1. Letsride1

    molkt 28mm

    hey all i have a molkt 28mm for my pitsterpro z160 i had a oko 26mm carburetor wich wouldn’t start up with choke and would start without choke easilyish with jets 100 and 36 i wasn’t able to get any jet kits near me for it and it would bog when i’d crack it wide open or give it to much throttle...
  2. S

    Carberuetor problems........ Apollo 125

    I own an apollo 125cc RFZ dirtbike and have had it for a few years. As with all chinese made quads, threadlocker is forbidden, and every bolt comes loose........ the throttle assembly on top came loose, the one with the throttle cable, huge spring, plunger, little clip and big needle. i got it...
  3. B

    Fuel/air mixture screw

    I need a fuel/air mixture screw for my ssr 125 carb, where could I get one?
  4. F

    Zongshen 155z ho big problem

    Hi all,I have been on here ages ago asking probs with my engine,well 1 year later I'm still having it. To start with the motor didn't run right as it came with a Mollt carb,got a oko 26mm flat side and it still didn't run right,when I say didn't run right........basically spits fuel out of the...
  5. DHZ_XR8cing

    Info on 155z auto decomp cam

    Good Evening all. I have a quick question. The 155z has a auto de-comp cam. Is this correct? If so is it a possibility that this play's up and stays on when the bike is running?
  6. littlerider9

    zongshen 160

    has anyone got a spec list for the zongshen 160 that comes in the revolution mxs?