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  1. GooseMan

    Mighty RV90 Resto

    Just doin a quick recondition of my rv90. I need a rear mud guard, anybody know where I can get one? Hers some pics And a current pic of where its at hanging from my new best freind:beerchug:
  2. cozza123

    Cozza's PW 80 mutant thingy

    Hello all Decided i want something different,So I've started to build this up A PW 80,80s model with a Ducar 125 moded into it Protaper bars(China copies) hehe Frame needs some wielding and mods to accept the Ducar,Plus reinforce it I'm going to purchase a GPX 290mm rear shock to...
  3. Carlts

    Nice levers or bark busters?

    I just wanted to pint out some awesome prices of levers @ classichondas: To me these look identical to the ez pull Pitster levers that are 100 bucks at dhz: Classic Honda 50's Australia - CNC Clutch Lever Assembly and Brake Lever Anyone tried these levers and had much luck? Also...