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  1. M

    odd problems with turning the engine over?

    ok, so i'm a new user and this is my first post, so bare with me i recently bought a whole bunch of pit bikes, one of them is running just fine, the other one is in pieces but appears to have a complete engine. the problem i'm having with it, is when i go to start it with the kickstart, it...
  2. T

    HELP! Is this a good buy?

    So he says it's an SDG with a GPX 125 motor. Oil cooled. No idea how many hours on motor but runs perfect and starts first kick with good compression. He wants 750 firm. I live in the desert so oil cooled is a big plus
  3. jev

    atomik 125 compression

    Hi, Picked up a atomik 125 couple of weeks ago and it has a ducar engine in it. in neutral has heaps of compression but when clutch is in it doesnt seem to have very much compression. any ideas? Has a weak spark so thinking coil is stuffed, i'll swap it over with a spare i have...


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