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  1. M

    WTB: Lifan 150 L/H Crank Case

    Looking for a left hand crank case for a Lifan 150 Let me know if anyone has one Cheers
  2. jimbo jones

    Atomik 125 crank sprocket oil seal

    My Atomik 125 crank sprocket oil seal is leaking it's not a big deal to change but I can be stuffed if I can find one for sale on eBay or net anywhere. So where do you guys buy your seals from?
  3. Fiddy Rider

    Wanted: Stock crf50 crank shaft.

    Hey there. Chasing a stock crf50 crank shaft in good working condition. Hit me up if you have one you are willing to part with. Thanks! Nick
  4. Shearer

    Kitaco 56mm Stroker Crankshaft for klx110

    ITEM: Kitaco 56mm Storker Crankshaft for klx110. with 14mm pin CONDITION: Brand new, in box REASON FOR SELLING: Was lead to believe that this crank fit my klx taki 178 scut motor. Only to find out that the kitaco cranks have 14mm gudgen pin. wear i need'd crank with 13mm. after i got it...
  5. Barnesd09

    Stroker pins

    Does anyone know if a crank stroker pin can be inserted backwards so the stroke can be shortened?