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  1. my67xr

    my latest buy, 2x Yamaha Chappy 80cc 2 strokes, and build/modify thread

    hey gents and femmes, some of you may have seen pics of my 1984 Yamaha IT200L, well, keeping true to the Yamaha man i am, i have added 2 more bikes to my collection. im into things that are slightly different than most people, and modifying, i just cant help myself....:b_grind: i kind of...
  2. C

    Custom 10" Z160ho Dirt Build

    Hey guys, I've been floating around for a few months now, finially got decent internet so I thought Id start a build thread. I have a 09 yz250f for mx but I was after somthing to muck around with mates and for the Ms to ride. I've got a mate with a 50 track in his back yard, and hes got...
  3. M

    mad_as_hec Pete's Z50AK2

    Ok, I take no credit for this bike whatsoever. I fell in love with it 6 years ago when I saw it freshly rebuilt for the first time when I bought my CT70 from Pete Romney, a long time Monkey guy in Perth. Pete advertised the bike on MG last week and I was straight onto it and had the deal done...
  4. P

    custom crf build help

    hey im new to this and just need some info. im thinking of starting a custom build using a crf50 frame ive found the engine i want its a 20hp 175cc and fits the frame perfect, i was just wondering what steps do i have to take to turn the bike into a bigfoot,? im 6ft 75kg so i need the height...
  5. ajaay

    help and opinions on parts and making a custom

    so im thinking of starting a custom build making my 2nd bike :D just wondering what i need to get where to get it whats good so on so im guessing a frames the starting point would be a decent china frame crf50 style under about 200 ? anyone know any i cant find much
  6. sam93


    Does anyone know of some good mufflers that I could use on my motard? I got a new muffler today, and I decided I want something different so its getting sold :p This is the muffler I just got: Big Bore Alloy Performance Exhaust System GPX YX 150cc 160cc - DHZ Mini Moto I got that in...
  7. sam93

    Custom oil catch can

    Hey guys, yes another post on the catch can sorry snitchy just not 100% happy with anything i can find and the look of them. Im pretty good with the tools and can weld pretty well dads got a Mig welder which will be strong enough to penetrate the steel ill be using... Im looking on...
  8. Dabomb

    Suzuki DS80 Build Up!

    Fellas, Acquired me a 1985 Suzuki DS80 in the weekend (fo free :)), its a bit rough but its about to get a big birthday! Long live the 2 banger smokers.
  9. WeRideMinis

    cheap vinyl cut stickers!!!

    Hey everyone, Just thought this would be a good chance to introduce myself, my names craig, im 21 from sydney. A fellow minibike rider, I would like to offer my trade to all fellow minirider members, I make custom vinyl stickers for cars. Bikes. Boats. Pretty much anything. Racing numbers...