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  1. nickv1980

    Anima 150f Oil filters

    Has anyone got any clue what oil filter to run in the Anima 150f ?? Ive been changing the oil out every 3 to 4 hours ride time but i have no idea where to grab an oil filter from ... I asked Ken at DHZ not too long ago he told me they would be getting them soon but not soon enough for me , im...
  2. P

    Pitster Pro LXR Builds

    Hello Everyone I have Never posted on this forum before. I'm sure ill make a few mistakes. I'm currently building up two Pitster Pro LXR bikes and thought I would share some progress pictures on the build with you guys. 2012 LXR's with Daytona 190cc engines
  3. 1trick

    daytona CDI ?

    hey guys i wana get my hands on a daytona CDI for my motorvert 160 R . does any body know which one to actually get i got a site here for daytona parts. but i cant tell arthur from martha ? any help would be fantastic , thanks guys CDI - - Daytona Motorcycle Parts
  4. D

    2009 Motovert Pro 125cc Daytona or 2012 Motovert Pro 160cc

    Gday guys, Quick background on myself. I'm 19, about 65kgs, 5ft10 and used to ride all the time up until I sold my YZ85, YZ125 and ebay pitbike a couple years back. But my love for dirtbikes keeps calling, so considering I can't afford to buy the latest KTM 500EXC at the moment, I've decided...
  5. M

    Mr Tarded Mo presents Daytona Anima 150F

    Here you go gentlemen! Mr Tarded Mo presents Daytona Anima 150F - YouTube
  6. J

    Mini bike help.

    Hey guys only just joined up here as I bought a new bike over the weekend. And just trying to fin out exactly what it is so I can buy new parts for it. It has I lifan 140cc engine and has a model number tdr-008 but cannot for the life of me find it on any website making it impossoble buy parts...
  7. pitsterprobrendan

    boyesen ignition cover

    howdy guys just looking for a boyesen ignition cover to fit my 160 pitsterpro any one got any links
  8. Barnesd09

    Taky Hyper cdi Cygnus X

    Does snyone konw if it is possible to wire one of these cdi boxes into a Daytona 150 loom and rotor? and if so how would you do it?
  9. grnman

    4 valve Takegawa +R New

    have you guys seen what Takegawa are putting out now? post some comments on what you think.
  10. grnman

    DOHC on Daytona 125cc??

    Hey guys can you share your thoughts on this. i have a daytona 125cc. Can i put the daytona 150cc DOHC head on and buy the 119cc 4valve 54mm piston? will the piston height be correct or is there a reason that the 119cc kit comes with a 52mm crank as the 125cc has the 54.5mm what...
  11. will_is_silly

    Pitpro-Motovert Daytonas?

    Okay, so I found out that pitpro are doing bikes with daytona engines. What I would like to know is are these the same as what motovert are putting into their bikes? If not what are the differences between the motovert ones and the pitpro ones? Would the quality be the same?
  12. nemo86

    motovert expert

    hey can someone tell me how much the motovert experts cost new?? r they good??? not cheap parts n poor build quality?? cheers
  13. gdee

    Motovert 09 Type R OR Motovert 09 Expert?

    I have the cash for either, iam going to pick one up soon but cant decide what model. I know the expert would have more grunt, but would it be worth getting the expert? Pros/Cons?
  14. P

    motovert pro 125 daytona japan or motovert expert 140 motovert racing engine.

    hay, guys im looking at buying 1 of these 2 bikes not to sure which 1 to go with leaning towards the 140.. can anyone help me with info comparing the 2 like which engine is more durable do they have any faults. any info would be great there both 08 models. cheers..
  15. tomy251

    Are they Good? 2008 Motovert Pro with 125 Daytona???

    Hi guys! Just wanting your thoughts about the 2008 Motovert Pro with the Daytona 125cc??? Ive been looking at one for a while now....this one in particular is LIKE NEW, hasnt even been ridden in and it comes with the Genuine Zoochie Forks and Elka Shock. WHAT ARE THESE BIKES LIKE...
  16. jpspud92

    Motovert 07 Expert oil

    Hey all, just purchased my 07 expert the other day 1600 second hand. First bike ive ever bought so i dont really know much about bikes. Just asking what would be the best oil to use, the guy at the shop that i bought the bike from recommended using 15w50 full synthetic. Also how much oil...
  17. mad man

    I got a Motovert expert.

    Hey guys long time no speak, just picked up a motovert expert, 2007 model. got it for one grand, it has around 10 hours on it. will post pics soon :P
  18. Hillz

    Fotm Hall Of Fame!!!!

    The winners of Fiffty Of The Month! Dabomb December 2006