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  1. D

    Pitpro 125 or Dhz 140

    Which one of these bikes would be better for a 12 year old turning 13 In October, 5 ft tall who is going through a growth spurt?
  2. Perthrider

    (dhz) Mikuni 30mm carby tuning-where do i start??

    So ive run my new dhz outlaw (140 zonger) for about three tanks now, and considering it 'run in' i thought id open that throttle, however when i did this, from a low speed in second to flat i was disapointed to find a short lag or 'bog' before it really picked up. this is also relevant when in...
  3. Perthrider

    DHZ outlaw 140 mods?

    Hi, this is my first post in miniriders, though i have been using the site for years, (great info!). Ive recently purchased a DHZ outlaw140, and ive noticed hardly no threads on this topic, so i decided to make one so other DHZ owners can possibly benefit from everyones experience. so, What...
  4. A

    DHZ dpro 160 or DHZ outlaw 140

    i dont no what i should get. Is the the 160 worth the extra money, im fairly inexperinced so would the extra power be worth it for me. also where can i pick up a cheap trailer for the bike,how much should i pay for one?