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  1. F

    Would Like Help With DHZ Dpro140

    Hi guys, sorry if I've started this thread in the wrong spot or anything I'm new to posting on the site although I have been reading this forum for a long time (been the best source of information for me so far). I was just wandering if anyone could help me by telling me what kind of mods I...
  2. callumdhz140

    pit bike forks on dhz dpro r 140

    my forks that are stock with the dhz 140 somtimes get stuck when they compress how do i fix this ?
  3. A

    DHZ dpro 160 or DHZ outlaw 140

    i dont no what i should get. Is the the 160 worth the extra money, im fairly inexperinced so would the extra power be worth it for me. also where can i pick up a cheap trailer for the bike,how much should i pay for one?