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  1. stickyicky

    Takegawa DOHC 124cc

    Takegawa 124cc DOHC top end kit. complete head, piston, cylinder, crank(not shown pic wouldn't load), 28mm PWK Keihin flat slide, manifold rewelded by BBR to fit in a perimeter. "Jermey Mcgrath" dynoed cam clocked settings I just came up on a 60mm piston for my Takegawa DOHC 4 valve, so I'm...
  2. grnman

    4 valve Takegawa +R New

    have you guys seen what Takegawa are putting out now? post some comments on what you think.
  3. grnman

    DOHC on Daytona 125cc??

    Hey guys can you share your thoughts on this. i have a daytona 125cc. Can i put the daytona 150cc DOHC head on and buy the 119cc 4valve 54mm piston? will the piston height be correct or is there a reason that the 119cc kit comes with a 52mm crank as the 125cc has the 54.5mm what...