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  1. F

    DHZ DPro 160 or DHZ Outlaw 150

    Hey guys im new here. Would be buying brand new just not sure which model is better. More looking for an opinion of the Dpro as i havent found any recent reviews on it. Thank you :) Also what would be the first Upgrades.
  2. N

    new DHZ DPro 160, Z160Ho, Stripped 2nd gear,

    Hi gents, first off awesome forum. I've learnt a lot and I've managed to set up my dpro 160 from reading all the info on here and for that, thank you. I've had my dpro for about a week now and it's been running perfect up until yesterday. Had some mates over with varying levels of riding...
  3. B

    DHZ Dpro 160

    Hi guys, just signed up to mini riders and am about to purchase my very first mini bike. Just chasing thoughts on the DHZ Dpro 160? Any pros and cons are welcome. Also is there anything i should modify straight away? Cheers
  4. skidpig7

    Installing FMF Pipe on DHZ 140

    Hey guys, I am looking at buying a DHZ DPRO 140 and I was wondering if anyone has installed an FMF system on this type of pit bike before. Any help is appreciated! Thanks Eli
  5. Q

    How do the heck does the rear caliper metal plate sit?

    Specifically for the type of caliper which takes these type of pads http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/261320227581?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649 I can't seem to make the gold plate thingy sit properly. It always seems to get in the way of one or both of the brake pads. One of the...
  6. Cordogs

    How do I stop this from happening spanner spinners?

    Pretty self explanatory, I fixed it once took it for a ride then it happened again an hour later. Don't want this to be an ongoing issue!
  7. L

    Ben's Lifan 140 build

    I've been on here for a while now, thought I'd post up my second ride. My first was a new DHZ DPro 160, with OKO 26mm and pro tapers, wish I still had it, but onto bigger but not so much better things. My DHZ Outlaw 140. (Or so it was advertised) Lifan 140 OKO 26mm Fastace BS-35...
  8. rotn50

    rotn50 and wakeys piddy pickup.

    So after work tonight myself and wakey jumped in the Ute and went to Ayr QLD where we were meeting a couple selling some pit bikes, The bikes in mention were a Motovert expert 110cc, a Pit Boss Empire 140cc and a DHZ Dpro 155z/160ho. I had my mind on the vert as I already have a 12-10 vert and...
  9. K

    2012 DHZ DPRO 160

    Hi guys, thought i would do my own review on my new DHZ couldnt find all that much about them when i bought it, hopefully it will help somebody make a decision :) I purchased this bike from Aitkens motorcycles in Campelltown, sydney. The bike was allready together and brand new, paid a bit...
  10. br0die

    DHZ DPRO 160 Issues

    Hey guys, I need some serious help here! I recently bought a DHZ DPRO 160 with a Pitster Pro z160 HO engine. When I took it for a ride out in the bush with some mates, we did a slow run around just to check out the tracks, and unfortunately it stalled after about 10 minutes and wouldn't...
  11. Hock

    DHZ dpro 160 upgrades

    after i get my DHZ Dpro 160 i have a few upgrades im thinking of doing. feel free to add any that you think will be necessary. Hour meter - Hour Meter Red Gear Lever - *NEW* GEAR LEVER DIRT PIT BIKE MOTORCYCLE - BLACK | eBay Blister busters (grip donuts) - handlebars, grip, gripd...
  12. dunny29er

    rear brake lockup

    ok so my dhz popped its rear brake line coz it got so hot coz it locked up anyway i got a new one and bleed the brake completely. I adjusted the lever so its all perfect. The brakes work perfect but after 10 mins into the ride the brakes lock up again??
  13. dunny29er

    DPRO 140 forks

    ok so i needed to change the fork seals in my dhz dpro 140s forks anyway the right side was great but when i went to do the left side i snapped a plastic ring that sits above the oil seal, DHZ don't seem to have them so my question is does anyone know what im talking about if so where can i...