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  1. A

    ds80 kickstarter shaft

    I am needing a kickstarter shaft for a 1995 ds80... I am sure any year around that will fit it. The reason I am looking for one on here is because they are $50 on ebay and I personally dont think I should spend half of what i bought mine for on a new one... mine has been welded on and barely has...
  2. D

    2000 Suzuki DS80 build

    Friend in school had a 1978 model, loved the little bike. Found one and bought it for my son to learn to ride. Paid $350 for it, and it was in proper dirt bike form... Road it hard and put away wet. Hard to keep it running, and low power output on test ride. Clutch seemed weak too...
  3. S

    Suzuki DS80 electrical help!

    In my younger years I had a ds80 given to me for free. Somehow over the years it found its way to the back of the barn. Now pulling it out and doing a full rebuild to find all the wiring torn up to the point I cut everything off. So form is there a plug and play cdi wire harness you can buy...
  4. T

    Suzuki DS 80 Resurection

    Trying to bring an 86 Suzuki DS80 back from the grave..almost there. Any suggestions on a fix for keeping it running without the choke on??? Thanks
  5. my67xr

    Riding in South Australia , tell us where/when, it might make it easier to catch up with other membe

    i've started this thread, so if someone or a group of SA members here are heading out riding that day, or are planning to head out soon, that others may be able to organise a time/place and catch up together. i find that riding with other mini riders, is a lot more fun than going out with just...
  6. GooseMan

    Goosey's DS80 Build

    Hi everyone, here is my DS80 Build or maybe more like a rebuild I guess, anyway here is what I have done: ***8226; Replaced bottom end bearings ***8226; Did some port work on it ***8226; Stripped the frame down to nothing and repainted most of the bike ***8226; Greased all bearings ***8226...
  7. O

    Trying to hook up my 93 Suzuki DS80

    Just got a 93 DS80. I want to get fmf pipe and expansion chamber for it but can't find an exact match. Was wondering if anybody knew if pipes specified for other 50s or 80s would fit? Also a place to find good aftermarket parts to spruce the lil guy up. Sold my trx450r to get a streetbike...