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  1. H

    Lifan 150cc Problem

    Hi I need some help here. So be my hero and help me:cheeky-smiley-005: I can start of with: Bike; Ten7 midsize (2012 or 2013) Engien; Lifan 140cc Problem, Im trying to change my 140cc lifan to a 150cc lifan. I can't get any spark in my 150cc. :action-smiley-003: If i move the...
  2. PITXR

    XR 50 / 88 bore kit or 110 engine swap?

    hey guys i got myself a 2001 XR 50 stocker. i have put a sik50s clamp and pro taper bars on it to start with . im just wondering wat would be the best option go with a 88 big bore kit or just swap the motor for a 110? any help would be good cheers.
  3. M

    Reverse super-postie!?!

    Hi! I recently was fortunate enough to come into a free 110 postie engine from my legend of a cousin as a byproduct of his 125 super-postie engine swap. Thanks again mate! It's just the crankcase and head all intact and working, minus 'everything else'. It's complete bar the carb and sprocket...