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  1. T

    loncin engine replacement

    HI guys my sons mate has blown the g/box in his 125 loncin its allso getting very smokey so i think its time to replace it, id just rering it but since 2nd n 3rd gear's are shot be cheaper n less time consumingto replace it i dont know the brand of the bike only its 125 loncin engined what...
  2. T

    New to forum, STOMP 140 issue's

    Hi guys, new on this forum as i was getting no where on pbc. the issue i have is, i've just been out and bought a 2011 stomp 140 that i presume has the YX engine in, as the engine number is 1p56fmj which i googled. the lad a got if off clearly new nothing about bikes.... So i got it in...
  3. H

    Pitpro 125 struggling after new stator plate! Hellp!!

    Hey guys, So my chain flew off on my lifan 125 and snapped the pulse sensor off. So I bought a new stator plate. It seemed to be exactly the same except the sensor was a tiny bit closer to the flywheel and I had to grind about half a mil off the 'nib' of flywheel so it wouldn't hit when it...
  4. T

    What type of stator does a 155 engine use?

    Do they use irk, ork, or a regular stator? I ask this because I was on pitbikeclub's website and I asked this question. They said that I can put a 155cc stator on 125cc engine to give my bike better throttle response.
  5. T

    Are there such things as a performance stator?

    Can you replace a stock bike with a new stator and because of that new stator it has better throttle response/acceleration? Like are there "performance" stators and flywheels? and I dont mean and ORK or IRK.
  6. GenuineThumpy

    Performance Magneto/Stator

    Hi guys New to the forum, have a problem with my genuine thumpstar engine, i recently replaced the stock magneto with one of those performance magnetos off ebay, but i cannot for the life of me get spark. ive replaced the coil, spark plug, and try every possible combination of wiring here...
  7. W

    CDI Stator install

    I recently bought the IRK kit off ebay that everyone has to try and freshin up my 70cc bike. I installed it on my chinese crf 70. The bike ran flawlessly before i put this kit on. I installed the components and ran it off my stock harness into my aftermarket rev box (didnt use the red one that...
  8. lochie125

    stator/chain problem

    hey guys, on my last three rides of been on i have had my chain come off go through the chain guard and into the stator snapping off the magnet first time we thought it was just because the chain was loose and came off, second time the chain tensioners where all buckled so the wheel just kept...
  9. L

    Suzuki DS80 stator voltage

    hi this is my first post here hope i'm in the right spot. I picked up a non running 88 ds80 for my daughter as she is out growing her 79 jr50. The previous owner said it lost spark one day and he had a friend look at it. he cut and spliced all the wires and it sat for 5 years. something seems...
  10. T

    Stator plate - Wiring help?!

    Hey guys, My stator plate wires are different to my wires on my bike, (the colours) and i am kinda confused, can someone please tell me what goes to what? Much appreciated if you can! This is on the bike: This is my stator plate:
  11. E

    PitPro Magneto/Stator fitting help ??

    Hi all, I have a 160cc LE pit bite pro, I am upgrading the Magneto so I can run a front headlight, But am unsure what wires to connect where, it's different wiring then my friends 125cc pit bike, I'm unsure about the wires comming from the magneto, they are all joined into a big white...
  12. M

    Stator/crankshaft help needed!!

    Hey so I recently just bought a jap 90cc and when I was riding it a few days ago the stator nut that holds the magnet on the crankshaft fell off.. Well I didn't notice it fall off so I continued to ride.. When I was done I let my friend ride it aroun my block and the little like notch in the...
  13. CUZZA001

    Stator/Magneto/CDI, 125cc 4 stroke

    hey guys new to minriders, av just bought a secondhand quad with i think a lifan motor, it is a horizontal mount and iv had dramas with what i believe to be a timing positioning plate that is bolted to the cdi housing that goes on the outside of the magneto flywheel. it is gold in colour and...
  14. X

    what is the Chinese inner rotor,stator clearance for a xr50

    Hey, i bought a inner rotor off ebay for my xr50, but i think the magneto clearance is wrong on it cause when i go to take off it has a little delay. i have rebuilt the carby and drainned all the fuel incase there was water in it. I have looked everywhere to try find the clearance and couldnt...
  15. theMINDLESSone

    Stator/Magneto thingy!

    hi all well, i was riding my pittie the other day after i put a new caliper on the rear. i forgot to tension the chain and i came of off while i was riding. it bunched up inbetween the font sprocket and magneto cover and smashed the magneto cover off. the little reveiver thing (not sure what...
  16. matty_77

    Coil Unit and Upgraded stator unit yx 140

    Hi, Any you guys know on a coil wether the green or Black are postive. As I have a postie usually they only have one postive and the coil earths threw the frame. Also am putting an yx 140cc in my postie and just wondering wether you guys suggest putting in that lightened stator uit kit. It...
  17. bulldog93

    Stator replacement

    Tools used: -Impact screwdriver, -14mm socket, -22mm open ended spanner with small extension bar, -rattle gun (air compressor), -Phillips head screwdriver and -Hammer 1)Take of the sprocket cover. 2)Take of the nut that’s holding the flywheel on (1 X 14mm nut). 3)Insert the larger bit...
  18. R

    Stator problems

    i put a new stator on my 125 lifan. connected the wires exactly the same how i disconnected them black from bike into green from stator black/red from bike to red/black from stator blue/white to blue/white there is also a green with red wire. a white 1 and a yellow wire. these 3 dont...
  19. 1fifty1wheel

    1P56FMJ rotor/stator compatability

    Here is a photo i nicked from an old thread of 'NUMROE's' As you can see with the ORK style ignition and the pickup mounted directly to the mounting plate (not on an extension outward from the plate), and the tight fiting cover, I cannot fit a rotor/stator suitable to charging (well the...
  20. fear and

    moto works lifan Stator/Magneto???

    Can some one link me to a moto works 2008 lifan magneto. like ebay or something im just not sure which one it is. Also a magneto cover/front sprocket, side plate thingo. Thanks.