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  1. Luke918273

    48mm top fork triple clamp

    Just wondering if anyone knows where to acquire a top triple clamp that is 48mm not 45mm (as my forks are 48mm both on top and bottom clamp)
  2. A

    Atomik Riders Australia HELP

    I have the Atomik Reign Bigfoot 160cc. I want to know how best to stiffen the forks as when I jump the bike not only are they too soft but the also bottom out. Also what mods or upgrades have other riders used on these bikes? Cheers
  3. 559fiddys

    upc xsi pro fork help

    Hey guys I need a little info if you have it. I need to rebuild my forks but I don't know what they are so therefore I don't know where to look for parts. Upc xsi pro is the bike they are on. Any info would be awesome thanks guys.
  4. S

    WTB: Marzocchi forks for crf50

    WANTED: Marzocchi forks CONDITION: New or used PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: $400-$700 LOCATION: Where ever EXTRA INFORMATION: CONTACT: [email protected] Thanks, Street
  5. B

    Fork Springs choice

    Ive got an OPBS X Chinese pit bike and i was to upgrade the front fork springs. Im going with the BBR KLX style springs but i dont know if i need the standard springs or the ones for "L" model. The orion website doesnt say which one fits they just say to write the model of my bike in the...
  6. kuda25087

    brand new adjustable forks

    price-300 ono or swaps condition- new adjustable gold forks that came with my 250cc but i put different ones on them, txt me on 0411194244 if interested im in brisbane