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  1. motorman

    Motormans CRF450R

    Well it's about time I finally stepped up and got a 450. I must say I am absolutely loving it!! Bikes have come a long way in 10 years. haha This was an absolute bargain and is pimped out. 2014 model with 42 hours on it. Twin Yoshi awesomeness :)
  2. rach88

    This shouldn't be hard to open right?!

    I've drained all the oil out and now want to refill it. But this won't come open :( I keep getting confused which way I should even be attempting to turn it which probably doesn't help haha
  3. C

    China 125 bike build/revive! can anyone help ID this bike?

    Project canned! Got a crf50 now
  4. R

    Tdr pro 125cc upgrade version

    Hi guys and girl lol, have just bought me and my missus a tdr pit bike to have some fun on. Could any one please fill me in on what oil I should use? I have heard mineral 15w50 is the best option? It's my first bike ever so very new to all this but can't wait to go for a ride haha. Thanx for any...
  5. Phil67

    Oil diagnostics

    I go though oil like the local fish and chip shop, I reckon I have about 30 used 1 litre bottles in my garage. I'm always searching for what oil works best for me. Anyway, on the Ford Forum I saw a post from an oil company that they can drop engine temps by 30% on Harleys so I emailed him to...
  6. Carlts

    Air filter shenanigans - What's your thoughts?

    Hey guys, Just a quick question for you all concerning air filters. Having an OKO 26mm requiring a 48/49mm diameter air filter I opted for the usual Unifilter. But all I can is that my experience has been rubbish with it, I always clean the filter using warm water and washing powder after...