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  1. D

    2008 ssr 125

    Hi new to the forums, found a pit bike with a spare engine for $600. I'll post pics soon. Whats the value of these bikes? I know without pictures its hard to tell.
  2. N

    Help with Apollo 125cc Pit bike

    Hey yall, new here, but i just got an Apollo 125cc pit bike today brand new from dealership, low balled the guy and got 100 off for it,.. i guess it wasnt cranked in awhile so it was hard to start but the dealer got it started and had a go and it was fairly hard to keep it idling.. so im asking...
  3. roostyamates

    hard to kick start

    hey just wondering if anyone can tell me weather it would be wise to buy a 2011 atomik nitrous 160 thats hard to kick start, what does this tell you about the bike? is t easy to fix? thanks
  4. D

    need help about semi-Auto 4 speed pitster pro 50

    Hi guys just got myself a second hand pitster pro 50 4 speed semi auto bike, and its awesome but 2 problems 1. shifting up gears is hard as hell "not like a bike with a clutch" are they suppose to be hard to put in gear 2. When i give the bike acceleration it bogs out it only allows me to...