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  1. J

    z160ho oil cooler help needed

    I have a pitsterpro z160ho which I want to totally remove the oil cooler and not use it at all.. as the motor is in my z50r and the cooler clutters it up too much (want a cleaner look) is it just a case of finding bolts and blocking the holes in the motor ? or do I have to run a pipe to link the...
  2. D

    TB cam position timing

    Hi I have a z155 with an outer rotor kit with a v2 race head. I have a cam sprocket that has 2 marks either end. On the tn race cam there is a b stamped between the 2 threaded holes and on the other side between the 2 theaded holes there's a non threaded hole. My question is which was dose the b...
  3. B

    Callipers don't fit

    Ok guys need to pick your brains again I have gotten a couple callipers for the front wheel the first the mounting holes were the wrong distance now the next one I got the holes are right but the calliper sits wrong and I can't seem to find any other callipers Here are some pics of how it...
  4. Rizzo97

    Wheel bearings have spun in hub and chewed it out

    Bearings! Need help One of the bearings in my back wheel keeps comin loose. I have tried using a centerpunch to make it grip the bearing but it dosnt last very long.. Tried again with and put some black silicone on it inside we're the centerpunch holes are haven't tried that yet but il be...