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  1. Chops

    Anyone put on orange MR sticker kit?

    Anyone put on an orange mini riders sticker kit? Wouldn't mind seeing what it looks like if they have. My stickers on the outlaw were put on badly.
  2. beeto252

    Beeto's stocker build ...

    thought I might start a build up on my stocker. I traded my dhz 160r for this 2012 crf50when I got it it had bigger bars, ishock, stiffer fork springs and a few old school fiveo parts on it which I was stoked about heres how I got it. then I added some tb valve covers, red barron cam...
  3. Stubsy

    Stubsy LXR!!!!

    A friend picked up my new bike today. Still needing to get it transported up but ill sort that out tomorrow. Pretty stoked!! :clap: 2011 LXR, z160ho with a v2 head. Here is a quick pic in my mates garage.I'll post more when it arrives. Definitely coming down brissie way for a ride in the new...
  4. motorman

    Miniriders.com Graphics Kits First Impressions

    Hey All, Got some new Miniriders.com graphics for everyone to checkout. These are only a first batch so bear with us. Plenty more to come. :) This is going to be the official thread for all new kits so people can check them out. I know they ain't going to please everyone and like I said...