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    is this a Pitsterpro LXR or a X4R ???

    i just bought this and i am now confused as there is no markings or stickers to state model,si have taken photo's and hopefully someone can identify this for me
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    Pitster pro engine which one?

    Hi all just got me hands on a small pitty with 12 inch rims and a smaller farm compared to my yx 160 Bigfoot. The bloke I got it from said it was a pitster pro 160 r spec engine. I looked at the barrel and it's stamped z155. He said it came from dhz not sure if he's talking about the bike or...
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    Please help me identify??

    I have a pit bike that for the life of me I cannot identify. I know it is a 125cc, 4 stroke, has a clutch and came with an extreme kit. It has the numbers/letters LE8ZGHLCO41100308.