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    26mm Intake Manifold

    Ok been trying to find a 26mm intake manifold for my carby best I have found so far is this 26mm Universal Carby Carburetor Intake Manifold PIT PRO Quad Dirt Bike ATV Buggy | eBay In the description though it says 27.7mm just wondering if this would still be ok though it's the only 26mm I...
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    YX 150, hole in head ?

    Hi I recently bought an YX150 engine and...There is a small hole near intake manifold. Can anyone explain what it? I'm puzzled?
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    Help needed with intake/manifold

    Hi everybody! I need a intake for my slightly tuned z50ak2, (70cc cylinder+e22 cylinderhead). The intake must be in size for a Keihin pc18 carburator, aprox 18-21mm. There is very little space between the cylinder and tank so it must be a very neat manifold or a long one, mounted at an angle...