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  1. my67xr

    Another pit bike, 138cc, alloy frame, 12/10

    So i picked up another bike the other day, It's a 138cc, allloy framed (faded anodised red), CRF50 style pitty, and seems to be a pretty solidly built bike. Came with Fastace AS02 forks, and I Shock rear? Alloy rims, Kenda Millsville front tyre, and a performance inner rotor kit (debatable)...
  2. my67xr

    IRC Track Champ front tyre/rim 19" 70-100-19

    ITEM AND CONDITION: brand new IRC Track Champ front tyre/rim 19" 70-100-19, and 19 x 1.4 rim PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: asking $50, cash EFTPOS, Paypal REASON FOR SELLING: bought for a sidecar project, never used EXTRA INFO: clean ? LOCATION AND...
  3. S

    inner rotor kit crap

    Hi all I have just installed a inner rotor kit i purchased from dhz for my yx160 atomik. I also put on a oko 26mm carb and their big bore exhaust,(thats another story) I fired it up, idle's normal and very responsive. go to take off and all good, give it a quick squirt, spins the rear in 1st...