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  1. K

    What model is my Kawasaki bike? No spark issue

    Hello everybody!! Just picked up a 70's Kawasaki bike. Any idea of what Year? Also, have a weird spark issue. No spark when kill switch is pressed, no spark when kill switch is NOT pressed. But DO have spark if i keep tapping the killswitch while kicking it over!?!?
  2. I

    Jialing 124 dropping in/out of second - 1down 4up box

    The boy got home after a thrash about town, seems the FMR is playing silly buggers in second. He explains it that only in second it feels like its slipping then grabbing again. I would suspect the clutch but its only in second it happens and the clutch feels strong. Ive read a few posts...
  3. Carlts

    Achievements updating

    Just a word to all the achievement junkies. (We all need them for a self esteem boost I suppose) At present the system is updating all the achievements. It does it on an hourly basis (100 per hour) , but as we have overr 19,000 members who have on average 2 awards each, the updating will take...
  4. D

    Z160HO Clutch Issues

    Hey Fellas, Just picked up a second hand DHZ dpro 160 for the missus to learn on (shes not allowed on the big bike) and for me to have a bit of a play with. Its a decent little bike with a great engine, heaps of go in it I was fairly surprised when I first jumped on. The problem we are having...