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  1. L

    DHZ outlaw 160r

    Would the DHZ outlaw 160r be good for FMX jumping
  2. Blender

    Hitting the jumps on a mates kx :D

    hey guys, went to mates property on the weekend, he had a pretty nice track, decent jumps, so i decided to try my luck on the fury, which took them well, but i got a flat tyre, so i hopped on my mates kx125 and held on :D (btw, not sure if this is in the right spot, feel free to move this...
  3. dynamicgs

    Some mean jumping from some dude...

  4. #9morgan

    any one want to go jumping

    does any body want to come jumping on the Mornington peninsular, Victoria i have a mini kicker to dirt down ramp i ride at a locals spot in hastings that has a very large area to free ride as well as some dirt jumps , berms and mini trails . if you have a good eye for new lines there is lots...