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  1. motorman Race Team first practice

    Had a wicked pratice on Saturday with Chris, Zach and Dyllan out at Kosta's private track. Got a couple of pics to share. Had a few bike issues. YX LXR broke the kick starter shaft 3rd kick off day. lol :( Other LXR had rear sprocket issues and flats all round. Glad all this happened before...
  2. B

    Bolt the magneto sits on has snapped

    I brought a second hand 125cc Bigfoot and the guy said it wasn't running because of something electrical so I tried to kick it over and it made this terrible noise so I took off the magneto cover, seemed fine then I tried to kick it over once more and the magneto fell straight off.
  3. T

    HELP! Is this a good buy?

    So he says it's an SDG with a GPX 125 motor. Oil cooled. No idea how many hours on motor but runs perfect and starts first kick with good compression. He wants 750 firm. I live in the desert so oil cooled is a big plus
  4. vanq

    Daytona 4v Kick Starter Assembly

    Hi all, When I try to kick start my Daytona Anima 4V 150F about 50% of the time the kick starter slips and you can hear it grinding. I figured the shear gear had died so I have ordered a new kick starter assembly however, I was wondering how hard it is to install? Do I have to split the...
  5. roostyamates

    kick back

    My atomik nitrous 160 has really bad kick back... is there anything i can do to reduce this or do i just have to put up with it ?
  6. Rizzo97

    Loud pop/crack/bang from lifan 125

    I Have a dodgy intake valve tappet cover on my lifan 125 because I snaped one of the bolts ages ago and couldn't get it out, so I drilled in next to it and I drilled through into where the little adjuster rod and locknut are and metal shavings got in there :/ went for a strap cuz I got the cover...
  7. my67xr

    Jianshe Coyote PY80 build, china PW80 copy

    here is a rusty Jianshe Coyote PY80 i have just picked up it is a china copy of the world famous Yamaha PW80. i bought this one cheap, paid $110 for it as is it has been sitting outside on someones verandah for the last few years, and has developed a Tin Worm infection (surface rust) i...
  8. the50king


    Hi last night i was tightening up my kickstarter and did it too much and snapped the bolt off in there so i tryed drilling and a hammer to get it off but i seem to of hit the kick starter spline into my motor more?? it wont come fully back up now.. its a lifan 125, anyone help me out on what to...
  9. the50king


    Hey just wondering about kick starters for my china, is it worth goin all out on a forged one or wat about the CNC coloured ones off ebay n that?? anyone know if there any good??